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Thursday, July 15, 2004

A society with no purpose and hopes

So after years! I come back here .but I donot know write about what. No subject it is interesting for me to writing .I am so depress and nothing is interested me I really need a big event that happen and change my boring life.
I think it is problem of most of Iranian they are so boring and depress and very apathy.
they need excite and happiness and every thing that changed their life .most of Iranian are waking in morning and they go to bed after watching "Noghtehchin" (popular TV show ) .they haven’t any purpose or any hope .at least I haven’t
I have just understood that why in summer rate of suicide goes up. ;)


Sherilla Lay said...

Hi, I hope you're still alive becasue I liked your blog and I'm looking forward your new posts!

"Life is what we do for living".)

Anonymous said...

like sherilla lay, your blog impressed me too. My dear fellow Iranian, Take it easy: life is much more beautiful and promising than you can imagine. Just fight for what you wnat in life and never give up. Everything you long for, will come in time. Trust me!