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Monday, September 20, 2004

IRIB vs. Google

Yesterday IRIB (Iran TV) show a strange report about Google .it was strange but was silly too.
The reporter said that Google have strong connection and relation with intelligence services .these are reasons for this allegation:
It said Gmail is an expensive service but it is free so it means CIA is behind it.
At the last and the most funny reason the reporter siad that recently Google got rid of his advertisement on blogspot so CIA increases its budget.


Anonymous said...


stupid bonehead idiots, what a load of crap!
when I was studying in iran,I had a hezbollahi friend
he was a nice guy, intelligent and honest, it was
around the time satellite recievers were the topic of the day. one day he told me, that he thinks CIA is behind sales of the satellite recievers. his rational was that they are being sold in iran below the price.
the ones that are confused have to cook up wrong type of conspiracy theories. They don't understand how a capitalistic system works. A company has to make money, if it doesn't it goes bankrupt, bust. plain and simple. CIA was formed by Harry Truman, after Americans failed to predict Japanease attack on Perl Harbor, it has done some nasty things in Iran (The Coup overthrowing Mossadeq's regime) some nasty things
in Latin America, but has no business subsisidizing Google, or Satellite companies.
that doesn't mean CIA hasn't been involved in any shadowy, bloody operation there are ample publicized
documents to that effect, just not this type of foolish and childish stuff.
Shaad o pirooz bashi

Anonymous said...

These guy don't understand anything you od in the internet stays there. You send an E mail is there to view for everybody. Internet was a Us Defence Department project . Your cell phone has a GPS. They octrol everything if they want to locate you just have your cellphone un. Your computer has many trap doors that anytime an FBI agent wants to look at it even you have cleaned it they can discover anything. Google travel fast over the internet universe and constantly take snap shot everything it hears and see in the internet.Therefore it is plausible that if they have the tools they can get you. The question is they have many other thing to watch. The control mechanism of watching has been subcontracted in part to Israeli companies. So when one mulah talk to another, if they got his cell phone or email they can listen and watch him.They can even go to your computer and get everything out of it so ar as they got your email and your computer in logged in. They can spy on you, because this is an instrument of control and read and hear what is going on in the world. Some computers are fit with the GpS so whereevr you go they got your location. That is enough for you son.

Anonymous said...

read this and translate it to farsi you would be doing a great service to Iran, if you pot it.

AMERICAN IDOL: Billionaire Mullah For Iran

Farhat Quaem Maquami

Years ago in an Article in Abrar Newspaper I refer to Rafsanjani as the Iranian Gorbachav. Now that his American string holders have decided to bring him back to unwind the system in an orderly fashion Iranians should not be jubilant. Their might be turbulences ahead as Rafsanjani and his American Allies try to put the Genie back to the bottle. An orderly, yet slow Meltdown might be beneficial for
Iran and its Departing Mullahs, but it is far better than mass execution. Rafsanjani has given his message loud and clear yesterday in a campaign speech : Revolution is Dead. But cosmetic changes without an actual criminal prosecution of perpetrators of economic and Moral crimes against Iranians would be counterproductive

The Perfect Sleeper Cell has been re-activated. Mullah Rafsanjani, is running for president again. It seems he is running again since the despotic regime is running out of credible candidates who would be acceptable to the public. The masses of displaced, homeless, and unemployed see no light at the end of the Hippocratic tunnel that the Mullahs have been digging for Iranians. The masses of alienated generation are apathetic towards election. They see the election as a process of mass deception in which the Mullahs grip in the economy would remain unchanged. The perceived sense of powerlessness in changing the regime, combined with the draconian system of deception has stifled social and cultural progress, and has brought alienation ,resentment and defiance of the Islamic system. The best one of the candidate did was to offer $60 dollars for every Iranian who votes for him.

That is why the discredited Billionaire Mullah who has Sucked the Iranian wealth like an Octavos has transmuted into a Spiderman to save the Islamic Republic. Oblivious to the fact that more that 27 years after promising heaven and delivering Hell the masses have the right to question a failed political system.

The last time the Expediency Council selected Mullah Khatemi to be the emasculated reform president to provide a semblance of hope in an otherwise demoralized society, proved to be a failure. He failed to deliver anything of substance. This time around the morally bankrupt system, faced with public apathy of the electorates and certainly running out of credible candidates, wants to save the corrupt and un-Islamic system by the man who designed it all. On the surface, Rafsanjani might prove to be the lesser of thousands evils for Iranians; but, in reality he personifies what is wrong with Iran.

In June 17, 2005 Iranians are going to poll to elect a president in an election which can hardly be called democratic. For propaganda reasons, and in order to provide a cover for its dwindling legitimacy, from the list of over one thousands applicants for the job, which includes an American Joker, Iranians would “elect” a president. The list have been narrowed down to a dozen who are considered no threat to the security of Mullahs rule on Iran. Clerics who, as social parasites, had provided Divine justification for feudal landlords, and despotic kings Satanic rules for centuries and were in their continuous payroll until 1979, usurped the political power, appropriated means of production and trade. They cleverly designed a system to ensure their rules for generation to come.

Paradoxically, the shadowy businessman, Rafsnajani, who seemingly came out of nowhere, was somehow put in charge of the secretive power structure of the Republic, and has been the American Poster child for free “Market Economy.” For his good services, the American Mullah has been featured in Forbs Magazine as the Millionaire Mullah who is managing a business Empire.

Rafsanjani was transformed from being a humble brain behind Khomeini to Speaker of the Parliament and then to President during the Hostage crisis is credited with staging and then masterminding negotiations, Initially with Carter and then switching to Reagan's camp, promising to hold the hostages to humiliate Carter and guaranteeing Reagan the presidency. The intelligence behind Hostage Crisis, similar to the emergence of Khomeini would never be known; but it proved to be a profitable joint venture and successful publicity stunt. On the on hand, the so-called Hostage crisis seemed to have legitimized an otherwise an American installed Islamic Regime, and on the other hand it emasculated Carter and assured Reagan’s presidency. The Neo-Cons think tanks had won: An Evangelist Christian in the White House and An Islamic anti Communist in the Muslim world, both devoted to the supply side Neo-con economy and “Free Market“.

Rafsanjani held private meetings with virtually everyone that would travel to Iran (McFarlane, etc.) but did not leave the country... and in effect devised the 'brilliant' back room strategy of switching sides from Carter to Reagan's camp in exchange for security guarantees and arms (i.e. that the US would not topple the Mullahs). The Americans (in this case Reagan and subsequently the Mullahs) have delivered on the bargain to date and he has done the same. This American Mullah has maintained a private, quiet channel to the Whitehouse ever since has enabled him to expand his family’s boniness empire .

Now, Ali-Akbar Rafsanjani has come to play his cards back in Iran. He has to help to install yet another quasi Islamic state in Iraq and help his American handlers to consolidate their power via another Neo-con agent and fellow Iranian Mullah Sistani. The Godfather is being pushed as the leading candidate who can save the bankrupt policy of the Islamic Republic, that he himself imposed on Iran. That is why nothing short of revolution
may save the country from the path of moral corruption, cultural deprivation and economic depravation of the majority of Iranians whose national wealth has been siphoned out by the God father and his gang of Mullahs.

Rafsanjani came into power in a secretive pact with General Huyser in which in lieu of the American assistance to dismantle the Shah’s regime, which did not fit in with the American New Strategy of Fighting Communism, an Islamic Republic would be established in Iran. That is how a bunch second rate businessmen and pistachio farmers have become billionaire conglomerates and millionaire Mullahs who are draining Iran and devastated its economy. Rafsanjani is what is wrong with Iran and Iran would take another step backward to go to Rafsanjani.

The Mullahs who control this weird Republic claim that The Regime drives its legitimacy from Allah; but they remain on top with gangster like methods of intimidation, violence, murder and draconian system of terror. In reality the regime is neither Islamic nor a republic and basically was created, supported, sustained and designed under Zebigniew Brzezinski Doctrine to fight communist Ideology. On the one hand, it utilizes the terminology Islam and its Utopian ideals to prevent any philosophical convergence of socialism and Islam, on the one hand it propagate a perverted theological justification of Neo-liberalism and the so-called Free Market Economy to enrich the Mullahs.

They abandoned and suppressed the civil society and civic culture and under the banner of “Government of the Oppressed” assumed all power. Yet by hijacking the terminology of civil society American Mullahs established a sophisticated theoretic despotism that that took Iran back to the political Dark Ages. That is why the system, which is faced with internal tension and public apathy, rather than making concession to the Iranian public, has sought to use the American Mullah Rafsanjani to make a Deal with the U. S.

It is unimaginable that these new exploiters of Iran would give-up power short of a bloody social revolution. The regime is so intertwined with the sociopolitical structure that a crack in one system or loosening in one branch might bring down the whole house of cards. That is exactly why Mullahs would make any concession to America, but would not give-up political power, or let real democracy blossom in Iran. This kind of sell-out of a nation has catastrophic consequences for Iran.

In order to discover how the Iranians left, right and the center were duped into revolutionize Rafsanjani’s Family fortunes rather than revolutionizing Iran the buck stops at Rafsanjani’s door. Rafsanjani was getting his instruction from the American Neo-Cons economists before it became fashionable in the US. The 1979 revolution transformed the Rafsanjani clan into commercial Rubber Barons. “One brother headed the country's largest copper mine; another took control of the state-owned TV network; a brother-in-law became governor of Kerman province, while a cousin runs an outfit that dominates Iran's $400 million pistachio export business; a nephew and one of Rafsanjani's sons took key positions in the Ministry of Oil; another son heads the Tehran Metro construction project (an estimated one billion dollars spent so far). The list goes on and on while the Iranian national wealth is siphoned out and put into the straw corporations which stretches all over the glob beyond the reach of the Iranian government.

Today, Rafsanjani’s octopus family is in control of everything from narcotics, prostitution rings, and illicit alcohols to investments firms in US TV stations, Canada‘s private toll ways, Australia Meat packing and wherever his multi national Corporation can operate. Rafsanjani Family operates through various foundations and front companies , that is why he innocently claims that he is a humble man with no assets.. The family is also believed to control one of Iran's biggest oil engineering companies, a plant assembling Daewoo automobiles, Iran's best private airline and control of various media in Iran and abroad. Rafsanjani is role in the staged hostage
Crisis and subsequent timing of their release made him the darling of Republican Party. That is why his corporations and strawmens are behind hundreds of TV, radio, and internet conglomerates across the US, and the Glob.

Unlike his other American brethren Ibrahim Yazdi who was in the forefront of creating an American designed Islamic revolution for Iran by terror, Rafsanjani was always in the background assuring that the economic system would privatize and follow the Neo-liberal guideline of establishing a “free-market” economy for exploitation of the wealth of Iran by global corporations. He is the Godfather of Iran’s “privatization” program during which Mullahs and their allies took over public companies at dirt cheap prices and expropriated old regimes properties for free and established a new “corny capitalism” in Iran. It is this new class of Westernized Mullahs who control many satellite TV and Internet sites which exploit’s the millions of fugitive Iranians from Australia to Canada and from London to Los Angeles.

Rafsanjani somehow became the power behind Khomeini. He worked behind the scene with Huyser, Fardoost and Ghareh Baghi ( two turn coat Generals) to make sure the nationalist Generals would not derail the American designed Islamic Revolution. Later on when the Death Squads blow up the entire generation of emerging Nationalist leadership mysteriously Rafsanjani survived , he thanked God in Pubic and the CIA in private for his miraculous survival. He made sure that economic system would privatized and follow the Neo-liberal Free Market economy. He has run the Iran for the past 25 years.

He assumed the powerful position of the speaker of parliament and Brain behind Khomeini' in the 1980s. As a show of gratitude to his American Masters he secretly negotiated a deal to help Contras in Nicaragua. He was the Iranian counter revolutionary who received and ate the infamous key shaped Cake with the Iran Contra convict Oliver North in Tehran Airport. They both conspired to finance Contras Death Squads to sabotage revolutionary Sandanistas and indiscriminately kill the civilians in order to ensure the failure of Sandanistas semi-socialist system. He was the recipient of the Bible signed by Ronald Reagan which signaled the beginning of the Iran-Contra arms-for-hostages deal. He become president of Iran from 1989 to 1997 and is now the chairman of the powerful Expediency Council, which is the seat of actual political power in Iran.

Compared to Ayatollah Taleghani, whom I had the privilege of being his cellmate in Quasre Prison, Rafsanjani has no revolutionary credentials. Yet Taleghani, who could have been a real Revolutionary was set aside in favor of robber baron Mullahs, led by the Deal Maker businessman Mullah Rafsanjani. He is the man who has done what the American Neo-Cons would have loved to see in America complete privatization of economy and human beings to the point that one million of Iranians would enjoy everything the West has to offer and the other 64 millions live in exploitation, poverty, destitution and economic deprivation. Yet the population has been duped by an ideology which makes them believe that was Devine’s design. This is Calvinism pure and simple not the revolutionary Islam of Imam Ali and Imam Hossien.

The American Idol for president would be good for America and its multinational corporations but it would be disastrous for Iran. The system should face the fact that Mullahs cannot hang on to political power and appropriate the material world while clinging to the spirituality of Heaven. They must give-up their grip from political power or face the wrath of the masses who have always revolted against their material masters and oppressors. The billionaire mullah is now a “corrupt on earth” who must not only be brought to justice for the mass murder of the innocent Iranians but on how he accumulated his billions at the expense of the suffering masses and exploitation of the true believers.

Ebrahim said...


the way information conveyed in iran is horrible there is no refference, there is no logic, and many ppl do it, just last week my grandpa who is a bit closed minded told me that isaelies sell candies which have palestinian blood in them, what the hell,ppl in iran just talk and they dont feel the need to back it with some facts, since the IRIB is like that, but about google, it is no secret, i mean CIA will take whatever information it needs, it doesnt need to work with google, people hack emails from home , what more can intellegence entities which have full access to pretty much everything do.this is no news, what the hell, if the way information was conveyed was changed in iran we wouldnt have to live in this hell

Ebrahim said...

i quote two comments above me" Mullah Rafsanjani, is running for president again. It seems he is running again since the despotic regime is running out of credible candidates who would be acceptable to the public." how can he not be acceptable to the public and still be head of Assembly of Experts, he became the head by 1,564,197 votes which is twice of his runner up, and in case you dont know the assembly of experts is chosen by publics votes,ref: