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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Every Iranian reads 5 minutes in a day

My friend is proud that he is not reading any newspaper and books but if ask him his opinion about parties in Angola he begins to express himself.It is an important fact about Iran’s today .many doesn’t have enough knowledge about what really happen around them and what affect directly in their life, most of them didn’t know they are in a boycott of news and they even satisfy about their current life.These kinds of persons express their opinion about everything that they know nothing about it and surprisingly they resist on their wrong opinion (I know that every one is free for saying his opinions about everything but when a wrong opinion spread in society and something wrong became a believe of people it is really dangerous.)
* I didn’t mean all of people I know many in Iran only can and must think about how they must spend life of their own and their family. It was only my opinion! About some of friends who fortunately were students too.


Jordan said...

Hi Yasser, my name's Jordan. I'm a Canadian graduate student in Middle Eastern studies.

I'm currently researching the readerships of Iranian weblogs.

I've created an online survey which may interest you:

Please check it out and let me know what you think! If you like what you see, perhaps you could publicize it on your blog.

Thanks and i look forward to hearing from you!

Peace -jordan

Hydra said...

well, those people you are talking about are unfortunately the majority in our today's world. And the fact that they are students makes it just more painful.


Farzad said...

Hi Yasser -
I hear you dude! Nice post!
Cheers :)

Dr O2 said...

actually this is an Iranian tradition to be a know-it-all! everyone talks abt everything! & not only that,they are all experts. No one ever thinks why a doctor spends 7 precious years studying while others feel free to run their mouth on it's every aspect!!

Farzad said...

Dr 'Omid' O2 -
Right to the point! Well said.
Thanx my man

Sophia said...

Hi Yasser,
In my usual search for information about Iran I found your blog. I am a student at the Univeristy of Oregon, let me tell you that spewing opinions on things one knows nothing about is as much a plague here as anywhere else.

Thanks for keeping us infomed.