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Saturday, September 09, 2006

let's know more about a complicated country

Iran former president Mohammad Khatami allowed to enter united state without any insulting acts (like fingerprinting) that U.S behave with citizens of unfriendly countries .

In Iran hardliners called him traitor becouse of his trip , and in the united state many official like governor and senators called him as former leader of a terrorist county .

maybe it was good if I mentioned that Mr khatami have most votes of iranian people as a president ,23 milion vote in first round in front of 9 milion votes of president ahmadinejad in first round(and 17 milion in second round) .Mr khatami also known as an religious intellectual in the many countries.

With all of these facts , what do you think about objections in Iran and U.S to him about his trip? why hardliners in Iran (supporters of Mr ahmadinejad) called a traitor or what kind of persons in U.S could write article like this?


persianarchitect said...

I don't know, but there is something fishy going on here.

Matt said...

They want to create a "rift" in my opinion to fool the US gov't. The people in the know, Yasser, know that Khameini has all the power and Khatami or Ahmadinejad or whomever do not hold the power.

chris michigan usa said...

This is purely a propaganda move by the Iranians to split the American public opinion and to give the doves in our american government more legitimacy. The doves in american goverment will then use that as a grounds to hold up any american action in regards to irans nuclear program thus giving iran the time to go full nuclear. Once that happens may god save us all. I am convinced they are pursuing nuclear weapons not as a defensive measures but more darkly as an offensive capability that they intend to use....sooner rather than later.