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Friday, March 30, 2007

Stupidly and Childish

Iraqi port Fave taken on Iran border by me!!!! :D

1. In Iran it is a tradition political prisoners confess in front of camera and broadcast the confession on TV .also Iranian people remember many apology letters from prisoners who were regreted.

Most of these persons when get out from Iran told that they forced to the confession and writing apology letters

It is an old trick that nomore anybody in Iran fooled by it.

2. With all of these facts I really don’t know how I could analyses confession of U.K sailors on TV. I really cannot figure out who ordered to do this stupid response by Iran against pressure of west.

They show UK sailors confession .the captive says words which are like translation of Iranian officials .woman captive everyday wrote a letter which are more similar to letters of Mr. President to Mr. Bush or the letter who he wrote to people of America!

Sincerely I never imagine that Iran acts such stupidly and childish. Iranian persons who run and moderate this crisis are really similar to attitude of followers of Mr.ahmadinejad and his theories.


Anonymous said...

well, iran's behavior is a real mystery. i can't see what iran can gain from this kidnapping. especially on the international front. maybe it has some inner political end, like convincing the iranian public that the west is evil. but on the other end, it does a good job at convincing some countries that iran is.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they are going to keep the British solders prisoner for 440-some days.

I also wonder if Blair & company will be as wus about it as Carter was about the embassy hostages.

Once upon a lifetime, there was a phrase that was chanted in the streets. It seems particularly applicable now.

Together now...
"The whole world is watching"
"The whole world is watching"
"The whole world is watching"

Chas said...

Well Yasser, it seems the whole world is watching. You've been quoted in one of the world's most prestigous newspapers. Good Work.

Stay safe my friend

Chas said...

Chas said...

Here, I'll try again!

The link is Times of London.

Anonymous said...

The good news is that the sailors are to be set free.

The bad news is that a high proportion in the UK would now be quite happy to see one of its Trident Nuclear missiles deposited on Tehran.

I sympathise with you all for having a half-witted President - never mind, USA has one too...

Donna said...

Yasser, I understand that the reason that the sailors were captured was that the US captured five Qod force members in Kurdistan. The Iranians say that these were diplomats who were going to set up a consulate in Irbil (not sure if that is right place). Do you have comment? Did you hear that in Iran too, or is this something talked about only in the West? Thanks.

the Brit said...

Hi Yazzar

Like the citizens of all countries, we cannot always understand the reasons for our politicians actions.

It is good that people like you have a voice that is heard internationally.

Take care

the Brit

cassidy summers said...

Are the british soldiers who were captured going to be forced to keep quiet about whether or not they were forced to apologize for "entering Irans waters?" Who knows, we may never know the truth. The UK has provided GPS to show where they were, however Iran has done nothing but express in words that the British soldiers were in Iranian waters. Perhaps they were forced, perhaps they were not forced. I do not know, but quite frankly, I believe that the soldiers should be alowed to state whether or not they were forced to aplogize.

Anonymous said...

Good analysis on the soldiers' comments. I was thinking the exact same thing: they are speaking in such an odd manner it's like something Ahmadinejad says. The one thing that confuses me is who do they think they're fooling? Nobody inside or outside Iran believes these confessions are real, so what is the point of forcing them? Great blog, keep it up!