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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Iran's nuclear program: how much does it cost for iran?

What do u think about Iran's nuclear program? do u think that Iran wants acquire nuclear weapon or u believe what Iranian official say that Iran only wants nuclear power.
Do u think that Iran is being discriminated or not?
u can see here that most Iranian think that western countries don't want accept Iran rights to have nuclear technology
If you see their incentives offers you found it really unfair. They offer if you give up your enrichment we identify "Mojahedin" as a terrorist group but didn't they are a legally group that try to free Iran! U can find more paradox like in their offers

I know Iran isn't a reliable country for west but west is not reliable for Iran too.
But why? Why they aren't relying on each other. Why Iran s policy is against U.S policy? I cannot see benefits of this policy? 25 years ago occurs a revolution with these words "not west ,not east ".maybe these in theory were beautiful words but in practice I don't think with these words u can direct your country to a modernized country.
They stand against you .they don't allow u to have nuclear technology, they even don't sell u ordinary plane that only transfer passenger .
they don't allow you… .

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