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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Tehran subway

Here is one of the stations of Tehran subway .they wants keep it clean and They can success but there is a problem.Trains run every 15 minutes so they are always full up and crowded..


paymane said...
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paymane said...

Thank you very much for posting the picture of
tehran's subway! it isn't that bad, some 20 years
late and overbudget. a testamone to inefficiency of
these guy's management. but better late than never!
A big problem is that we have believed we are a third
world country. We never never aspire for excellence.
we never value ourselves our time, our culture or our people. we disrespect our own people. as if they aren't iranians like us.
If Iran could pursue a clandestine, a very carefully and masterfully hiden nuclear weapon program, it would have been to our advatange. Never underestimate the
bargaining power that having nuclear capability afords us in the persian golf. Americans maintain a fleet of
nuclear submarines (12 of them) armed with nuclear missiles ready to fire at a moment's notice. Not only they never let go of "Trident" program, they insist that Israel nuclear weapons be overlooked.
Let's face it! The world is a very very unfair place.
It is better to be safe than sorry. After all
Cho Iran Mabashad Tan e Man Mabad!
give me your opinion, I really really need it!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't see any women in the picture. Aren't women allowed to travel using the subway? Please let me know. Thanks a lot, KL

Anonymous said...

DOnt worry about your English. Inshallah soon we wont need to know English. Keep informed and watch for the sign, then you will know we are ready.Wassalaam.

Anonymous said...

If you think Azad university is the worst school in the world, you are very wrong.

I granduated from Tehran-Markaz, then did my master's at Sharif and I am now working in a major US semiconductor company.

I have been to loads of schools here in the US, and 90% of them are way way worse than Azad univeristy.

All they have are chicks walking around campus in gym shorts yacking on their cell phones.

They have incosistent evaluation methods and the professors have extremely poor teaching skills and lack of motivation.

I mean, some of the professors I had in Azad university were very elequint and masterfull in their teaching. But even the worst of them were better than most here.

I now realize that the biggest problem with Azad univeristy is its students.