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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Thanks Beckham family

1.About next tow month we will have an important election in Iran .presidential election .i don't still know that this "election is a real election or like last one only its name is election".
Anyway many candidate start to start them self to people although they still do-not know that guardian consul qualify them or not .(especially reformist candidate).
for example dr.Moeen(most important candidate of reformist) start a weblog .(Persian)
2. last Friday here in Tehran was an important match between Iran and japan form qualification for world cup in 2006 we won the match 2-1 but ...
after the match when people wants leave stadium many of them wounded and killed because packed of population.
Here is Iran
3.holidasys of Nowruooz is near to ended .and i have tomorrow of holidays an important exam but i am not read a word for exam .
4.i am really thankful from Google and Beckham family that bring visitors here and help my weblog to be alive.

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John said...

This post was very great. I'd love to see more like it.