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Sunday, April 03, 2005


Today i want confess a big secret. i m an addicted and suffer from it like many of other people in Iran . rang of addiction in Iran is very high maybe because we are neighbour of afghanistan .
i decided put this post as "April's fool joke " but because my credit for accessing to internet was ran out so i couldn't .but this confession maybe was true .today many of Iranians youth that live in cities addicted to small cards which have credit to connect to internet by dial up. oh my god my body is painfull.
pls help me;)


Leila said...

ahahaha, 1.2 million users of heroin in Iran, eh?

badnewswade said...

Now, now, that's not very funny. We have loads of junkies in my part of the world (Britain) and they wreak havoc stealing things and whatnot.


Well, OK it made me laugh but it still isn't funny

:-| :-\ :-)

keep up the good work