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Saturday, April 09, 2005

How much a shaking hand is important?

I start my day with a surprising news " khatami shook hand with Israel president in funeral of pope john Poul II ."
i was really glad that maybe finally they change their narrow mind and decide to begin talks .
but when i saw another news that khatami denied shaking hands , i extremely disappointed .i do-not know which claim is truth .but what is clear is that some shadows are in both side that didn't allow relation between two sides and i cannot really understand why because all i see in this position is anything expect benefit .

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Tom McClellan said...

Yes, a handshake, any sign of friendship between Israel and the Islamic world would be much welcome.

Keep blogging, and don't worry about your English. It's clear enough.

Here is my hand extended in friendship from Dallas, Texas USA.

Tom McClellan