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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Managing blogrolling

Finally I managed my blogrolling account and make a tiny list of weblogs. There are tow groups in my tiny list. first group are Iranian bloggers who have weblog in English and second group are weblogs that I found they linked to my weblog. So I linked to them to appreciate them and I think it was clear that I don’t know none of them and maybe my ideas be completely different with them or maybe we were agree for some ideas and principles.

ps: it thought it was important to note this issue because in Iran you always must prove that you are innocent instead that others prove you are guilty so if one they I arrested or accused for my weblog and if they charged me with spying for foreign country maybe this post help me to proving that I am innocent ;).


Darnell Clayton said...

If that happened I would be very upset (would lobby the blogosphere on your behalf).

Keep up the blogging!

Anonymous said...

Its kind of like that here in the U.S., I have bumper stickers that I'm wary of putting on my car because of the abuse i might get from the pro-war crowd. But that is not so bad as incarceration or such that you might have put upon you.