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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Presidential election-1

Iran’s newspaper are full with news about presidential election but among people is a kind of apathy so election is not main subject, (main subject is price of tomato). I think it was very dangerous because when rate of participation be low conservative can easily win election with votes that supporter of regime gives to them. They are at least 15% percent of Iranian society but always participate in every election and every demonstration when regime asks them.

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badnewswade said...

We've got an election too, much the same as yours, the party in power is going to be re-elected and that's that.

Agree with you about low turnouts leading to conservatives winning though- it seems to happen anywhere where there are elections, except maybe in the Vatican, where all the candidates really *are* conservatives, lols.

*loved* the billboard photo on your previous post btw.