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Saturday, April 30, 2005


Presidential election-3
They have at least 6 candidates .and its very strange for people because conservatives know very well how hide their arguments and only show that they have unity between themselves but this time their differences become publicly so these day everybody know that they have a big debate for choosing only 1 person from these 6 candidates. But no one predict that they could and its good because their votes broke between their candidates.
ps: I think there is no need I write about principle of conservatives. They are support theocracy and their utopia is a close society for controlling people easily and 1984 is their bible ;)


badnewswade said...

Amazing, we're (Britain) having an election too. Ours is on May 5th.

You think you've got problems, well, at least you have reformers. We've got a conservative party, (Labour, party of PM Tony Blair who you may have heard of) and a very conservative party (actually called the Conservatives, their candidate is Micheal Howard. They're the same as Labour only more crazy and incompetent).

Both voted for the war in Iraq, both want to keep our troops in Iraq and both party leaders are total wierdoes from hell. (Blair has these mad eyes and Howard is a vampire- he's from Transylvannia and everything!)

There is a "third party" (Liberal Democrats) who are maybe like your reformers, but they always come a distant third in the polls so they don't matter much.

Iraq, next door to you, is big in our election campaign. Did Blair lie? (but of course.) Will it affect the result? Probably not. Most people don't want the very conservative Conservatives to win, so it will probably be Blair. I'd like to apologise in advance on behalf of my countrymen if he helps start a war on you guys.

So, tell us more about your election. What are the issues they campaign on? What are their policies?

All we in the West know about Iran is that Iran is supposed to be scary and bad, which is why I like your blog, and the whole internet thing, I think it brings people together and maybe in the future it will even make it harder to start wars, once people realise that we're not all that different and scary after all... I live in hope anyway.


Darnell Clayton said...

That is very sad to hear about. Despite me being a Protestant Christian, a theocratic government would be a horrible thing for any nation (unless God himself ruled it in the physical).