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Friday, May 06, 2005


Presidential election-4
They emerged as supporters of president khatami when people chose him for the first time with their amazing votes.
Definitely many of them were not real reformist and because in late years being a reformist have benefits they changed their names but some of them really want and try for real democracy in Iran and say less lies and more truth(only maybe).
In election most important candidates of reformist is Dr.Mostafa Moeen and his words are more like what many people of Iran wants.
But media in Iran boycotts him and don’t allow him to introduce himself for people and unfortunately he didn’t have the charisma that president khatami had. So I don’t think that he could success for these reasons.
Anyway I will vote to him because maybe with his presidency meaning of freedom, human right don’t change more in Iran.

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Carlos said...

Hello. I like your blog. I'm a mexican photographer. I hope to make it to Iran for the elections, but I hope most of all to stay after to shoot more pictures. Your english is good, very good. Keep writing. Perhaps we can talk before I arrive and you can tell me about interesting things to photograph. I liked that picture of the Iran-Iraq border. Did u take it? Is it safe to go there?