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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Miracle of propaganda

These days you can found real propaganda in Iran television. Every channel is full of ads and programs about uranium enrichment , they told people how is important enrichment and why west want take it back from us!

So after watching these advertisements you found that:

* Enrichment is one of high technologies that Iranian acquired it without any help and our leaders will promise us never give up and....
* we as Iranian feel that Iran with enrichment is one of developing country and I think we will write a letter with millions of signs to ask joining Iran to G8+1!
*They told us we must be ready for any consequence like another war , more sanction or more limitation for Iranian citizens in foreign country
Any way my idea about Iran nuclear program is is still what I wrote here .I think nuclear technology maybe was a high-Tech but without good relation with the world we couldn’t save it or it is more expensive that it cost to save.


praktike said...

Yasser, I think you're right. Nuclear enrichment will be a net economic loss for Iran.

farmas said...

salam. baba dege be ma sar nemizani
omidam be to bod
blog is very good