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Thursday, May 12, 2005

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In Iran every year people wait for Tehran book fair and try to save their money for buying books, the books that only put in personal library and most of them never read. It is a syndrome that people want go to this fair and buy all books that they need in a year so in other days of the year city bookstores are deserted and they try sell more book to people in these days. In the fair also debates about election is every where especially in press section, politicians and who are active in politic talk and try! Answer to questions that people asked them. Every day election become more important than before and now in metro and taxi people have another subject for talking (but price of tomato is still main subject) Anyway these days Tehran fair book is the best choice for candidates to introduce themselves to people.
in picture Hussein Allah Karam top man of an extremist conservative group talks with peopel

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