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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Holocaust denial

When these days Mr. President commence a new holy war! in denying holocaust ,a question begins to tease my mind
Why if someone denies god didn’t commit a crime but when he denies holocaust he must go to jail?
Iran TV says there is a law for this crime in France .does this law is not against freedom of speech?

I really don’t have any idea about holocaust (I don’t deny or confirm it) I also saw movies like paper clips and Schindler's List and really affected on me but …
Why is it a crime?
Update :David Irving Holocaust trial under way


Ali M said...

It is a crime in France to deny the reality of the holocaust.

I agree with you that it is a limitation of the freedom of speech (although Ahmadi Nejad is not the best person to raise the issue of freedom of speech in a country where you are jailed or executed for exercizing it).

The problem is that those who are denying the holocaust are not doing it from a historical standpoint but from a ideological one (unsuprisingly the only one denying the holocaust are neo nazis). Nevertheless, limiting the freedom of speech is not, to me, the best solution. When doing that you show your lack of trust in the solidity of your democracy.

Anonymous said...

the last five commandments deal with iteractins humen to humen and generaly subject to humen's law.Thou shall not lie or bear false witness is a crime recognized by humen law and immoral by one God's law.

Anonymous said...

it's not a matter of freedom of speech if you are the president of un i mportant islamic country. it's politics!

Anonymous said...

Canada has similar laws that make "hate speech" illegal. It is illegal to promote hate or violence against any identifiable group of people or individual. It's not illegal to deny the holocaust, but to promote the murder of Jews is illegal. I support these laws, even if they limit "free" speech. I think most Canadians recognize democracy was never intended to be used as a platform for promoting hate.

Anonymous said...

In France nobody denies God. Muslems just can not wear hijab to school,same for christians they also can not wear crosses. France is secular country, that means that you can pray in private, or in mosques or in churches and your religion is your private matter, not a public matter.
Regarding the hollocaust. In Poland, near were I was living there was one of the Nazi concentration camp. I was there and seen the piles of shoes and gold teeth. I have seen the photographs of what nazi did not only to jewish people but also to Poles who where in concentration camps. In fact a lot of Poles died in concentration camps. (one of my family, a pole, died in such a camp). If you have seen the horror of these places you would never say that things like hollocaust and concentration camps did not happen.
Your president is saying that hollocaust did not happen, in a way he is also saying that nazis were not as bad as people are saying they were. He should talk with my family who fought against Nazis in AK (polish underground army).

Anonymous said...

How would Iranians feel if Westeners just start to say that the Sha's attrocities were a myth? That they lack historical evidence or that the world should summon a conference to verify its authenticity. Can you Iranians deny such attrocities? Wouldn't them offend your conscience? Not denying the holocaust means that all historic evidence is neglected and Humankind would repeat it over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Hate speech is not a crime in the USA. What your president said is not a crime, nor is it a crime to threaten to wipe Israel off the face of the earth or chant death to the USA.

however, since the west knows that the holocaust occured, we tend to get a little edgy when the leader of a country tells the world he intends to commit genocide.

It is scarey to think of your government having a nuclear weapon. I hope you can see why.

Anonymous said...

My grandparents were murdered in auschwitz. My mother and her aunt are the few survivors left.
Most of the survivors are dying now so it's my responsibility to tell you that it really happend. I wouldn't be surprised if it happens again.
What i read in the papers...everyday about muslims could be same what it used to say about the jews during 1930's. We have to look back at the history and not repeat it. Not judge all muslims as fundamentalist.
violence deliveres violence.
The president of Iran, Mr Ahmadinejad, is a evil man.


Anonymous said...

Saying that the Holocaust didn't happen is like saying WWII never happened. It is amazing and sad that there is still a large group of people who deny it occuring. What is even more amazing is that a large number of the Holocaust deniers lack basic historical knowledge regarding Nazism and WWII. For all those who deny the Holocaust please visit Oswiecim in Poland (Auschwitz) and have a look at all the death blocks, human hair, prosthetic limbs, teeth, glasses, shoes, clothes, suitcases...that are still there. Furthermore, have a look at the historical facts of the Jewish population in Poland before and after WWII and come up with a more 'valid' explanation of their vanishing into thin air. By explicitly stating that the Holocaust did not happen, the President of Iran is showing his really evil and uneducated character.

Anonymous said...

It is your right to believe in god or not. So far there are no REAL evidences (I'm not talking about just believing or reading books written by some people a few tousand years ago) for one or another and as long as you don't hurt people by believing or not believing it is all up to you.

Denying Holocoust is a crime in many countries as the fear something similar will happen again is present.

Actually there where another Holocausts (Bangladesh 1971, Ruanda) more recently.

Nowhere in Europe it is a crime to deny god. In reality we have more freedom to praise him than in other places (including Iran). Aren't shias oppressed by Saudi government? What about sunnis in Iran?

In some countries you are just supposed to live your faith for you.
The reason? Before: fanatic catholic church, now: badly integrated european muslims.