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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A fact: Sport is not apart from politic

They recommended that it is good if we excluded Iran from the world cup. Journalists ask politician that dose they agree with this idea or not?
They said: “we are not agree we thought politic and sport strictly apart from each other.
But when Iran football federation invites other countries for friendly matches the story begins.

Federations haven’t any problem for traveling with their football team to Iran but when their government advises that “we think Iran is not a good choice for a friendly match these days.” They refuse Iran’s invitation.
I really don’t understand why they behave like this why they did not understand football is one of rare hobby for Iranian people. So why they want take it from us? maybe because the policy is this :
sport is not apart from politics.


Darnell Clayton said...

Sports and politics should be seperated out from each other completely.

Sports helps channel nationalism away from the military (and from future war), one of the reasons why the Olympics was started in the first place.

I don't get it either (at a loss of words myself.


You've been tagged (I didn't start this so don't shoot me)

Stefan said...

Hello Yasser,

if you are interested I can write you sometimes about the european/german thinking. It describe not a good or bad side. I like just to say how it is.

Your idea is: sport is not a part from politics
Yes it´s true and it gave very often this discussion in the politic. But why is it not seperat? It started in the cold war against the Sowjetunion or China. The western areas know that the news are censored in this states.

The politic say, if we stop the sport, the people know something is wrong. The state have to say what happened or the state have to lie to his folk. And every lie is very risky for a state. If it give to many lies, than is it the first step to a revolution.

With this thinking is sport not a part from politics. But a way to speak through censored borders.

Chomskyite said...

Unfortunately, I don't think sports and politics really are separate. All countries use sport to rally patriotism/nationalism. During the Olympics, things are at their worst. Winning is seen as a mark of superiority by some. It doesn't stop with the Olympics, though. Recently, the U.S. government tried to keep Cuba out of a baseball tournament because they don't like Fidel Castro. During the last U.S. presidential elections, Bush used the Iraqi soccer team in his campaign ads, even though the players objected. It happens all the time.

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