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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hard days are expecting for me

A) These days I tried didn’t care to news, I didn’t read any newspaper try to avoid every thing which keep away me from other aspects of life.
These days I eagerly and regularly!? go to university for the last days ( I'll graduate in the few next weeks) .I also watching 3 or 4 movies every days and I try didn’t think to vague future .
B)if I didn’t write more like before on this weblog it is only because no new subject Blinked to me .everything that I decided to write about it seems that I wrote about it before however here is not as fresh as before !!
I try to keep update my link dump, my link dump consists news and posts on other weblog which are interesting for me so I share them with you to read (thanks Google reader)


Spooky Witch said...

Hey dude,congrats!wish you good luck..are you going throw out a graduation party or something?

David said...

you're gonna do this, believe me!

calexander said...

Salaam Yasser,

I am also just graduating from university. I have enjoyed reading your blog over the last year, and have in fact included it in my thesis, which is on Iranian weblogs. Good luck graduating!