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Saturday, May 06, 2006


I asked my friends: "Are you agree with the the council which choose supreme leader of Iran?" I added that ”the council which consists from 6 clerics? "
I confidently could say that more than of tow third of them didn’t object to my question that “your question is wrong supreme leader elected by Assembly of Experts?


These days my mind preoccupied by this question? How much people must be aware about their government and who they elected as their leaders?
I believe people more than everything like have an easy and comfortable life in a secure society without any interruption with political tensions?
But how they must observe and supervise activities of their reprehensives in government?
Surely media have a big responsibility about it.(last night finally I saw "All the president’ men).
I recalled about 8 years ago , coincide with election of president Khatami that more newspapers published as he came to office , hardliners criticized this policy and express free media bring more chaos so they try to bring more limitation to media and regretfully they was successful.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. You encouraged me to learn more about your previous president.

Looks like the president has not so much power in your country.

farmas said...

i said:my people have very difficult and i can not think about this question.
sharmande zabanam bade my friend.

Stefan said...
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Stefan said...

Yes. It´s true, free media bring more chaos. You get all thought´s. The stupid and the good ideas.

But what is the truth? If you life in the high society than have you a wealthy life. Life you as poor person, you speak from a hard life. What is true? Know a expert the truth? What discribe an expert? Why is he an expert?

In a democracy give it so many lies in the politic as in a controlled state. The difference is just the election. If the folk can´t accept what the president do, the folk couldn´t change it.

In a democracy beat the folk back. Every 4 years decide we for the next president. If he work good or if he lie not to much, he get the job again. If he lie to much or if he work bad, we kick him out.

That is the controll. We hope before the election the president work good. If not we wait for the next election to give him the answer. The election is the risk for the president and discipline him.

And it´s very important that we can decide really. That means near everybody get the chance to be the next president.

And one surprise. For me is america just partly a democratic state. America have a special vote system which give a new party near no chance. It´s a democracy under controll from two parties. Is this real democracy?

The word democracy come from the old Greek culture and means folk-controlled.

David said...

I always thought that the Supreme leader IS elected by the Assembly of Experts?
The Guardian Council can veto any presedential candidate and consists of 12 guys, 6 are clerics apointed by the Supreme Leader.
And btw, Yasser, did you know that Khatami went to Vienna a few months ago? I even got a invitation (because my mother does oriental dancing, she's member of Austrias Oriental Society, I think every member got an invititation). Unfortunately I signed up to late, and so I wasn't on the list, and was not allowed to get in (POLICE stopped me!). But Khatami surely is a great guy, he even speaks a lil German!

Anonymous said...

It is off the point but it is very interest story about three ex-terrorists from PLO. They will lecture in Philadelphia, PA.

Matt said...

What I can't stand is how many people believe the President of Iran has real power. All the real power lies vested in Ayat Allah Khameini, right? Your English isn't too bad, especially for a non-native speaker. Where'd you learn it? Did you learn it via the Internet, like some other Iranians whose writings I've read? Did you learn it from the university or a language school? I know there are quite a few language schools in Tehran.

Anonymous said...

how many peaple