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Sunday, April 23, 2006

All of us are responsible to prevent a new war

These days I see many articles and posts on blogs and even many videos about possible attack to Iran.
I really don’t understand why a new war is amazing for you (me?) .all of us knew about consequences of war.
so what ? Are you missed for moments that you sat on your couch and while drank your hot coffee and watch CNN which covered crossing of coalition soldier through desert?
Are you missed?
I guess many people in the west never heard horrible sound of a missile when it explode .
but me and my generation heard its sound when we were only between 2 or 3 . we’ve learned counting because we must count explosions to found when Iraqi fight planes exhausted form dead full bombs or you never being worry about does last explosion hurt any relative or not ?

So please only once go and only heard a real explosion then begin to predict dose we must attack or not? Or maybe when you heard the sound you conclude that must join to an anti war movement.
I think everybody who didn’t try to refrain a war is responsible for all lives in the war.


Spooky Witch said...

For them who support war ,we're not human beings dying.We're potential targets for them to measure accuracy of their newly designed weapons.They want war.War makes more money for them.Look at Iraq reconstruction programs.Who benefits from that?US companies who win the contracts.Who gets the money of Iraq's oil?that is big question,unanswered.So we'll have the same story for Iran..

Don Gray said...


Bloggers all over the web picked up on a sensationalized article by Seymore Hersch in the New Yorker magazine. Anyone writing that the US will attack Iran, including Seymore Hersch is irresponsibly speculating.

A war won't happen any time soon, if ever.

Don't take my word on it. Read the the front page of the Washington Post and New York Timesregularly. You can see for yourself what's happening in the US. Both are reliable news sources.

Anonymous said...

There is no sane person who wants war. No sane person looks at the possibility of war with Iran, Iraq or any other country and says "oooh reconstruction contracts!"..

I may not have grown up listening to war planes flying overhead and counting explosions.. I grew up waiting for just one big bomb to be dropped on us, doing our drills in school, waiting for the cold war to turn into a hot one, sure not as blunt as your childhood but an effect just the same.

I sure don't want my kids growing up watching some movie about a nuclear halocaust and thinking wow it could really happen to me(who else remembers "the day after"?).

batyahgirl said...

Yassar, I don't want war either, but sometimes war is necessary. War means that innocent people will die, but trying to avoid war and allowing an enemy to attack your nation can lead to even greater loss of life. That is why sometimes it is necessary to go to war first, before the enemy can attack you.

We know that there are Iranians who do not want violence, just as there are many Americans and many Israelis who do not want violence either. But unfortunately, your leader is frightening a lot of people in the world, especially the Jews, whom he hates. The world cannot stand by and let him kill a lot of people.

Spooky witch, your comment is ridiculous; I agree with Anonymous -- no country goes into war because they are excited to get construction contracts. What are you smoking, man?

Yasser, I think your English is pretty good! Don't worry about anyone laughing at you -- no one will laugh. Just keep writing. :-)

Anonymous said...

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Chas said...

Yasser, Your fears of war are well placed. I too remember that kind of fear on September 11, 2001. The missles used against our people were 450 ton missles called commercial airplanes.

The problem today is the statements made by A. in your government. We believe him when he talks about the destruction of Israel and many thousand bansjee(spelling?) to go against the USA.

Stefan said...

It´s a large difference between Iraq and Iran.

In Iraq was a man which killed around one million people. He started 4 wars. Two against Iran and two against Kuwait. He shoot rockets to Israel and Saudi Arabia. He stopped his tanks at the border from Saudi Arabia because the american army. He was a known killer with typical killer dreams. And it was very important to stop him. The Iraqi (around 70%) say till today thank you to America.

They have different answers to the time after the war. Especially to the terrorists from other countries like Sarqawi from Jordan. Or the last friends from Saddam Hussein. Which lost what they has stolen from the folk.

But for Iran, I hope, it give not a war. Ahmadinechad is a dangerous person. I think the life in Iran is not easy. But it´s possible to life in Iran. It´s much easier as in Iraq. And Ahmadinechad is till today more a problem for the own people. It means it´s a national problem. That need not a international answer.

If he play with atomic energy than is it different. Not different enough for a war, just different enough for a answer. Maybe through a bomb on the atomic industry. Not more. He do much to disturb the international community and I don´t beliefe his words. I don´´t beliefe that he work just for electricity. A state with so many energy. And if he need just electrical energy. Why didn´t he accept the contracts with russia?

No war with Iran if Ahmadinechad play not with the world community!!!

Gathercole said...

The Hersh article does reflect some planning going on in the Pentagon. The plan is called TIRANNT (Theater Iran Near-Term), and it involves air bombardment, naval control of the Strait of Hormuz, and a possible ground campaign.

But the Defense Department, and the Bush administration are deeply divided about what to do. The biggest split is between people who believe the US can live with a nuclear Iran, and those who don't. Even among those who believe the US should attack to prevent Iran from going nuclear, there is a divide. Some people think the goal should be disrupting the nuclear program (which would mean attacks on Natanz and Isfahan, at least), others think the goal would be regime change, in which case the attack would be much larger and begin with a missile barrage like the one the US tried to assassinate Saddam with.

If there is an attack, it will probably happen within a year, or not at all. The presidential election is in 2008, and Bush will not want to change administrations, and possibly political parties, during the war.

The other danger is Israel, which may attack even if the US doesn't. Even the US Department of Defense is concerned about what Israel might do, since Ahmadinejad has repeatedly said that he would like to destroy Isreal if he could.

Donya said...

Dear Yasser,

My name is Donya. I am a student at the University of Amsterdam, and I am currently doing my masters research project about the intriguing phenomenon of Iranian weblogs. In particular, I am interested in English-language blogs like yours, and the way Iranian national identities are created through them. I have been eagerly following the English-language Iranian blogosphere for some months, and I am now beginning to contact particular bloggers based on their blog info. I find your blog impressive, and a valuable representation of the English-language weblogging phenomenon/movement, and would like to ask you some questions about it. I would appreciate it very much if you could let me know as soon as you can, whether you are interested in participating (also if you are not). Just reply to this e-mail (address:, and if you are interested, I will send you a short list of questions. Of course, please also feel free to ask me any questions you might have about my research, my background, etc. If, for any reason, you prefer to do a telephone interview instead, just send me your number and I will call you at a time that is suitable for you. In any case, I am very hopeful to hear from you.

Kind Regards,


p.s. sorry. of course this is not a comment about your posting (although i did read it), but your e-mail link didn't work.

bmcworldcitizen said...

I have been watching the Bush administration positioning themselves for war over the last number of months.

As a concerned global citizen, I am have become increasingly disturbed by the strident tones coming out of Washington and Teheran. I try to do my part, and regularly correspond with Americans online to try and change views.

A few current examples.

I think we are running out of time. We need Iranian English speakers to appeal directly to the American public through blogs and other forums, to ask them to dissuade the American government from attacking Iran.

You guys need to be posting every day on multiple American blogs.

Like here :

or here :

The Iranian and American people need to talk to each other and basically cut Bush and Ahmadinejhad out of the picture.

Far too many Americans still view Iranians as deranged religious terrorists, you guys have got to change that view.

Karan Reshad said...

Nice .Nice to see somewhere under the underground .

Frdbrkl said...


Your blog is great, as is your English. I am
an American 47 years of age with 3 children-2 of which are in your age group.

I wish they were in tune with world events as you are, but they are the typical spoiled lazy American kids-what's a dad to do?

Keep up your blog, and keep up your fight against war. If we (citizens) work together, we can defuse the craziness bred by our collective lunatic fringe leaders.

From my perspective-and this may anger some- I trust H.E. Ahmedi Nejad more than I do Bush (but they both terrify me equally). At least with Nejad you know exactly what's on his mind, but with Bush and Cheney, you don't know what kind of deceit to anticipate next. ;>}

Oh well...let's cross our fingers. Maybe by 2008 Iran and America can once again be officially friendly.

Anonymous said...

BMCWorldcitizen, you are what the Soviets used to refer to as a "useful idiot".
Yasser, and his fellow sensible Iranians don't have the ability to influence their government, and Amadinejad couldn't care less what the average Iranian thinks. He is pushing for nuclear weapons so he will be able to blackmail his neighbors, and Europe. If you think the Mullahs were intimidating during the "cartoon jihad" riots, wait until some European country wants to exercise their freedom of expression after Iran has a nuclear weapon. The Mullah's expressed goal is for every "citizen of the World" to live under Sharia law. You need to either put on your Burkha, or prepare to fight, because they aren't going to quit until you are living in the "house of Islam" or in Dhimmitude.
Me, I'm getting ready for a fight, because I look fat in a Burkha.

uhuru1701 said...

I agree with bmcworldcitizen who said that the Iranian people and the American people need to cut both Presidents out of the picture and just talk to each other. Blogs like this are one way to do it.

The American people are sick of war and most of us believe our own politicians lied to us to get us into a war against Iraq but Saddam still used chemical weapons against Iran and the Kurds and he committed genocide against the Marsh Arabs and he invaded Kuwait. Saddam was a greater danger to other Arabs than he ever was to the United States.

The Iranian friends that I have here in the United states always tell people, "We are not Arabs. We are Persian." They are also appalled by terrorism and they are glad to be in the United States where they can choose to live a strict religious life or not and whatever they choose, they do not have to live in fear for the choices they make.

Iranian mothers weep for their sons the same as American mothers do. I do not believe the Iranian state-sponsored media that would like to make the whole world believe that all Iranians hate all Americans. That is why the people need to talk to each other. You can find out, we do not hate you.

Everybody is afraid the other guy wants to kill them. Iran's President has said that he wants to kill everyone in Israel. So, Israel is afraid. Our American President lied to go to war against Iraq and even Americans are afraid of him now because he thinks he has the right to spy on us all. I bet the Iranian state-controlled media is making the Iranian people be very afraid of Americans. That is shameful.

People are not each other's enemies. Politicians and governments are enemies.


Matt said...

We're trying stop your unelected government from developing nuclear weapons. We're trying to do this through peaceful means. You know yourself that they want nuclear weapons. Khameini himself said back in 2004, "You must have two atomic bombs ready to go into January [2005] or you are not Muslims." Then on October 31, 2004 when the Majiles voted to enrich uranium, it was broadcast over state radio, "Merg bar Amerika, merg bar Israel." I don't mind you guys having nuclear energy, but I'd like you guys to have a truly represnative government. I'm not as stupid as most people over here in the States. I know how much you guys hate the mullahs. Nobody wants war. My concern is, once they (the unelected government Khameini and the Guardian Council) get their nuclear weapons, what will they do with them? Will they use them against the US or other innocent countries? If something isn't done, soon, many more lives will be lost in an all out future war because they detonated a nuclear weapon. I hear you guys want a truly represenative government (I don't call it democracy because democracy is mob rule. To be perfectly honest, we have a constitutional democratic republic here in the US). The problem being, nobody wants the first to be hauled off to Evin Prison, scalded with acid, or beaten by Bassij weilding chain links. We have to figure out a solution and fast.

Anonymous said...

Anybody don't want to get shot, better get on out the back...

LondonCaspian said...

Whoever said that nobody goes into war to make money is wrong in my opinion. The power of the corporations and lobbies is huge in the US elections. The fact is wars benefit the arms industry. Who is the biggest exporter of weapons and has the largest arms industry? The United States of America.

Again I'm not endorsing other governments but I hope other people can see the power that big corporations and lobbies play in the democracies we live in. Maybe this way we can spot 'advertisements' to go to war easily.