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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ordinary man wants to be different

Favorites of mine of characters are persons like Dustin Huffman in Rain man Or characters of J. D. Salinger like Holden Caulfield and Glass Family. The geniuses with IQ more than ordinary people, who found vain of many subjects and interests in the world and suffer form Hypocrisy in their society .
I think smart characters are adorable by everyone because all of us assume that we are intelligent and genius.
But today I want to admitted that after 23 years I found I am not genius ,I am like you with normal IQ (sorry Einstein) or you are like me ,ordinary man.
what about my EI* ?
But I also wish to be different with others. But how I could be when my IQ is like others? Maybe being jolly makes difference or Seclusion or even being clumsy (ordinary man did not want to be clumsy)...
So what makes differences? Thinking like nobody?
*These days Emotional intelligence really takes my time, i think about it and its affect on my life for many hours)


Chas said...

Yasser, VERY interesting! There are many different types of intellegence. Athletic, musical, mathmatical, emotional, interpersonal are all other types of intellegence. I'm 47 years old. I think real intellengence has to do with remaining happy by helping other people and making the world a better place.

You are studying microbiology. You can use your skills in germ war, or in inventing the next antibiotic to save the lives of children. See the difference?

azadeh said...

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David said...

It may be true that we all have the same intellectual potential, to a certain degree. But what makes someone unique is the way he or she uses that potential. And in my opinion, you're no ordinary man - you're extraordinary.
OK, I'll better go to bed before I start to lose myself in philosophical self-made crap ;-)

MonicaR said...

Yasser - what makes you special to me is that you have brass balls, baby! LOL!! More balls than many men I know who live in the Land of the Free. God bless you and keep you safe!