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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Cute monster has new weapons

*United stat is the first and only country which used atomic bombs in a war.
*Army of United stat used one of its colorful agents in Vietnam War so even these days many of people suffer from this monster-making agent.
*Depleted uranium which used in American bullets is factor of many cancers in Iraq.
*I also heard many terrifying stories about army's labs in u.s.

So how people of world s must believe U.S President who claims he sends American soldiers to other countries for fighting with terrorists and free others from tyrannies.

The fact that United States is the biggest threat to humanity now, is something we all brush under the carpet. from ARTICLE: Of Iran, bombs and geography


quaintance said...

nobody can argue that the use of atomic bombs in WWII was the first and probably last time that weapons of that sort actually prevented more deaths than they caused. it was a good thing we used them.

as for the depleted uranium(WHO's scientific study showing it causes cancer being suppressed by UN)and our use of "colorful agents in the vietnam war", along with the comment about Army Lab's only illustrate that war is ugly, no matter who wages it.

I'm sure the US/Britain don't want to deal with depleted uranium problems in Iraq, very expensive to clean up and thats wrong. it doesn't change the fact that the we're over there to fight a threat.. or rather what we believed was a threat. Later sold as a mission to liberate the Iraqi people, taking them from oppressive regime(that we supported/armed because we were fearful of Iran after the Shah) to straight up starbucks democracy in just 3 easy months! In reality I personally believe we'll just end up with another oppressive regime to fear.

The US is naive about the middle east and how people over there operate, we blindly believe that exactly what is good for the US is good for everyone, it may be true to certain extents but because we dont understand other societies, we dont know when to stop.

MonicaR said...

We're usually willing to do business with just about anyone until they threaten our existence - then God help you. We're bad-ass, you HAVE to be a bad-ass if you want to survive in this world.

To our credit - the Iranian regime is not one of those we have been willing to do business with. Wish it were true of more.

Maybe we're naive and maybe not. Maybe we understand that the culture of death that is promoted in many Asian countries is a no win situation for anyone.

Chas said...

Yasser, Here is a link to an article you might find interesting.

brando said...

I hope that article you linked was in the editorial section. Not that it really matters much anymore.