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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

When Mr. President fooled me!

This morning
All newspaper published : "very good news about nuclear program for Iranians in coming days" Mr. Ahmadinejad says.
i was glad and thought that finally everything will be ok and negotiations with u3 finally wrap up in a win-win condition.
Thanks Mr. President you avoid a war cause of a future of Iran you will be as a hero in history.
it is a big ceremony, all official gather in a big salon to hear good news from Mr. president. All channels of national TV (how painful is living in a country with only governmental and restricted media?) and radios cut their programs and show this historical (they said) ceremony live.
“I officially announce tonight that we could enriched uranium until 3.5 percent so from now we are 8th member of nuclear club” Mr. President said

What? It was your very good news, but what about deadline of Security Council .don’t you have any good news about it. Maybe enrichment of uranium was important for many people but a modern Iran in peace , good relationship with the entire world and no tension is more important for me.
Why we must always be in tension in iran?


Chas said...

Yasser, Oh my, this does not sound
good for peace! Here is some news about the situation as reported in the United States.

MonicaR said...

Oh dear. Oh dear, dear, dear. This is not good news - not good at all. It seems your president is determined to bring that guy out of the well with a nuclear holocaust.

God help us.

David said...
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Adrian said...

Do Iranians see how your government is playing into the hands of those who want an excuse to attack Iran? I don't believe that cooperating with the IAEA CAN actually prevent air strikes and things like that, but surely the Government can lower the tone of the rhetoric, if only to make it difficult for the US to justify carrying out its plans that have been in place since the Revolution. Fortunately Iran is not as isolated diplomatically as Iraq was and Iranians are also conscious enough of American intentions to render any US military action potentially counterproductive.

Yasser said...

sorry David but i must censor your comment , pls understand my situation !
Hi Yasser. You shouldn't be mad at Ahmadinejad. .................................. he is the one who is behind all this, secretly. After all, it was predictable that they'd make a big tara tara when they make progress in nuclear fuel production. I don't know what I'd do if I was you. Keep up the good work and continue to post on this blog, it'll pay off (I'm not talking about money)...

David said...

Sorry about that!

quaintance said...

so.. you've made it to the nuclear club and wondering what this has bought you... well let me show you whats behind door #4 Yasser! its a breand new cruise missile!! thats right, 120 of these babies blowing up misc buildings across Iran very soon, maybe even a few containing enriched uranium!

at least, thats what I assume the response will end up being. surely we're not dumb enough to do anything more than that(all out war would be lose lose lose situation).. I think the US has already written diplomacy off as an option, with Karl Rove today saying Ahmadinejad is _not_ a rational person.

Is the US going to treat Iran differently than N Korea? and has anyone else noticed Kim Jong and Ahmadinejad are both short guys, whats up with that?

yeah I think they will treat Iran differently, after all Israel has got to be banging on the panic button right about now and for some silly reason we seem to fear middle eastern religious zealot backed leaders more than the good ol power hungry dictators. NKorea just wants to rattle a few cages and get some respect, whats Iran want? to wipe out a few hebrews maybe.

Exorcista said...

No, these are not good news. And not only for Iran but for all the world. I can't forget about all the people the will suffer with a nuclear crisis in the Middle East. This War Lord, Mr. Bush, will strike upon Iran as soon as he can. I do not wish another war. I wish that all the people and religions can leave in peace.
Cheers from Portugal.

Anonymous said...


Our President fools us, too.
I enjoyed reading your blog. Please keep posting. I am praying for peace.

-Jennifer in the U.S.

Kathy from Austin said...

Hi Yasser,

I read about your blog in the Dallas Morning News.

I am very fearful of the upcoming events with Iran. It seems to most Americans that the Iranian President is thirsting for a war, perhaps to finish business left over from the Embassy seizure. The irony is that most Americans and, I suspect, Iranians don't want the invevitable showdown. Yet we mostly believe that the thought of nuclear weapons in the hands of a President who has very publicly, and on multiple occasions, vowed to "wipe Israel off the map" is just unacceptable. It is a frightening concept, to say the least.

We are putting our hopes on the Iranian people to stop an unmitigated disaster. We don't want war! The people of Iran should stand up for sanity before it is too late.

Best to you, Yasser. I hope you continue to voice your opinion forever. And God help us all if we come to arms.

Anonymous said...

you are very bad boy.

val said...

Who knows how this will end.but I doubt very much that iran, even with nuclear weapons will use them. after all, the west has hundreds of thousands of nuclear bombs, Iran does not stand a chance, and I do not think that the mullahs are suicidal.

but the mullahs are up to something, of this I am sure. Why would they dare the world with war?

could it be fear? Iraq is on it's way to being a democracy, the US is in Iraq... does this scare the mullahs?

my guess would be..yep!

peace to you, love your blog!

Dick said...

It seems to me that the US has no choice but to stop the Islamic Republic of Iran from having nukes, because your president seems so likely to use them - certainly against Israel; probably against the US; perhaps against England (which he threatened yesterday). Other members of the nuclear club are not in the habit of calling for the destruction of neighboring nations.

It's not Iran that will need to be stopped. It's the I.R. By any means necessary.

This is so sad. The only hope is in the Iranian people. Perhaps you can restore your country to its noble and honorable tradition. I know this will be difficult, bloody, and tragic in its own way too.

My hopes and prayers are with you.