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Saturday, April 08, 2006

We prayed , they closed heaven doors

After years I decided experienced climbing mountain what many people in holidays experienced it in Iran, but a horrid fate anticipating us.

All member of our small group were purely 100% armature due to we decided climbed to highest point of the tough mountain!

but suddenly everything changed to white and only when i closed my eyes i saw another color ( black) , for about half of hour we confined in a heavy snowstorm with thunder and lighting in the highest mountain of Tehran .snow covered footsteps of mountaineers so even we don’t know through which way we must go. Those moments I think all of us found a supreme power in my minds so we walked and asked him/her to survive us.

So dark cloud ceased dropping his harvest to us and we survived.

*One of member of our group suddenly slides down on the rigid rock but ...

Don’t worry everything is ok (thanks god).

*we walked continually for about 11 hours.

*I am regret that why I did not take more picture of those moments (maybe because my hands were frozen)

*I wrote this post to record this memorable day and to remember always this fact that I have a god.


Chas said...

Yasser, What a scary story!!! I am happy God allowed you to survive. It is experiences like these that can change the way we think about life, about how precious and fragile life is. My wife needs the computer, I'll post later!!

David said...

Hi Yasser! I found your blog today and after having read every post (took me nearly 2 hours) I decided to start my own. Your mountaineering experience seems to be really scary but you have to do once again, it can be really fun. How high was the mountain you climbed?

MonicaR said...

Amen to that, honey! Thank goodness you all walked out alive. Scary.

brando said...

Is mountianeering your hobby?

The highest mountian in Iran is Damavand, which is 18,370 feet. Anything above 10,000 (3,048m), and you're flirting with altitude sickness. I'm glad it worked out for you. Which mountian did you tackle?