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Friday, July 14, 2006

I was thinkig that they are different with their Iranian allies

After 2000 I saw Hezbollah as a political party with smart leaders, so I've thought politic and policy is more important for them instead of military action but I really shocked when Hezbollah seize Israeli soldiers
Do they did the operation to supporting Palestine people? But it is obvious that they are responsible in front of Lebanon people more than Palestine and Hamas ? I don't think that they've been so stupid that cannot predict reaction of Israel for such actions. they sacrificed Lebanon peace and calm for what reason? I eagerly anticipte to hear what is answer of Hezbollah to Lebanese .why they provoked Israel monster . Israel bombarded many parts of Lebanon which reconstructed after war by unity of Lebanese so why they must do an operation when every one know about its consequences?


Aslan said...

Well Yasser,
Most of the world is asking the same question.
There's a lot of speculation going on and since Hezbollah is supported by Syria and Iran, there's a lot of people speculating about your country.

That's probably due to your president saying Israel should be wiped off the earth. A rather large ambtion I would think.

Personally, I've wondered what Israel ever did to Iran to warrent such hatred. Or maybe it's because of the "Apes and Pigs" stuff taught to people.

Who knows. But in the meantime, Hezbollah may have triggered world war three.

There's a reason out there somewhere. It just has to be found.

Anonymous said...

First off I think you are doing very well with your english.
Second, i agree with the prior blogger. The Muslim world has many countries, the Israelis, the Jewish people one country. One very small country which is a democracy and open to all people, Jewish, Christian, Muslim all living together. If Isrel was a Muslim Country, how open a society, how much of a democracy do you think there would be? You yourself live in a country where there is religious persecution, you live in a country where the president does not seek openess, peace and extend a hand of friendship, instead he teaches hatred. We have seen the leaders of Israel and Jordan and Egypt try for peace and what happens, mslim extremist stop the peace for their own ends. You seem like an intelligent person but one who has a one sided view of the world. I hope you will open your mind to the possibilities that people of intelligence want, peace and friendship for the world, not the terrosrism brought on by these extremists.

Anonymous said...

I happened upon your blog site, and I want to say that I admire you for learning English, and you are doing a great job! I am a graduate student doing a research project on the use of English in Iran, and I am contacting you because I would love to get a personal perspective from you about English and how it fits into the everyday culture of Iran.

Some of the questions I am eager to find answers for include:

Is English widely used and accepted in Iran?

Are people eager to learn English, or is Persian the preferred language?

Are there any government regulations limiting or promoting the use of English?

When and how is English used?

Is English used for business communication, personal communication, or both?

What are your personal attitudes toward English?

Why do you want to learn English?

Any insight you might offer would be greatly appreciated. I would love to read your thoughts on the topic.


brando said...

I guess I'm going to jump in and defend Yasser a bit on this one.

Anan #1: Telling someone to "open their mind" isn't a very good persuasive technique, and he may already agree with you.

Aslan: It sounds like you're placing the cause for Hez' actions in Iran (which may be true) and then indirectly to Yasser.
(your country, your president; instead of Iran and Ahmadinejad.)

From what Yasser has written, I think he is pretty anti-terrorism. And the topic of his post was that the soldier abductions were counterproductive, and not in the best interest of the Lebanese people.

This thread started to take the tone of Iran bashing, which diverts away from the primary question: "What did Hez think they had to gain by abducting soldiers?"

Yasser, could you be more specific with what you mean "Israel Monster"?

Anonymous said...

What do I think Hezbollah is trying to gain by abducting Israeli soldiers and thus sacraficing Lebanon?

They want WWIII to kick off, they want to start such a massive sh*t-storm that the rest of the arab world is pulled into action against Israel and then the West will of course come to Israel's aid.. who knows what Europe will really do.

Hez knows Israeli uses its actions as an excuse to go on a rampage and they're hoping Israel eventually does something harsh enough to force the rest of the worlds hand.

Its sad and pathetic all the way around, shame on all of us, the west for sitting back and allowing Israel to go on a murderous revenge-rampage and shame on the arab world for instigating, sacraficing innocent civilians. shame on Israel for not realizing they will never solve anything this way... unless of course they aim to solve it by wiping everyone out of the middle east.

Aslan said...

@ Brando.
Actually, I'm quite fond of Yasser.
I was just relating what I'm reading from various sites.

Chuckle. And I'm very accustomed to the "It's all Bush's fault" syndrome.

In reality, some things are his fault and some things are not.

Alsan said...

Here is an example that better reflects what I'm seeing and probably could have related better.

I'm kind of stunned at what I'm seeing.
This blog is from Omar & Mohammed in Iraq.

Mostly they keep us up to date on what the real people in Iraq are seeing and thinking. Lately the comments are getting a bit out of hand but their posts are generally very enlightening.

With all that's going on around them, they are looking at Lebanon, Israel, Syria and Iran. Weird, huh.

brando said...

Aslan: I read that link. That's pretty good. People sure do go crazy with the comments at that site.

Anonymous in the UK said...

An explanation I've seen posted:

Anonymous in the UK said...

An explanation I've seen posted:

Yocheved said...

Israel is a democratic and peace loving country. Women are free to live their lives there, for example. Gay people are free to live their lives. Freedom.
Stop bombing Israel. Stop blowing yourselves up. Negotiate for lasting peace. Israel has the right to exist. Return soldiers and stop bombing and peace will reign.

Anonymous said...

why? here is a theory.

Iran ordered hezbullah to kidnap Israeli soldiers in order to take attention off their nuclear plans.

the G8 was meeting to discuss Iran.

Isn't it odd that just as Hamas kidnaps a soldier Hezbullah does also.

hezbullah has been making threats on Israels border for some time. Israel knew something was coming, I'm sure.

Hezbullahs leader said in a interview that he was surprised at Israel's response. I'm sure he was since Israel has a history of giving in to terrorist demands in it's desire for peace. But these terrorists do not want peace.

why kill children? you'll have to ask hezbullah that. they're hiding behind innocent families hoping Israel kills them. it's a PR tactic hamas and hezbullah have used sucessfully in the past, however I think most of the world is on to them finally.

Bill said...

I admire all of the people who have expressed their true feelings about stopping violence; however,
you the people must RISE UP and take to the streets. The rest of the world is waiting. OIL has corrupted every gov't in your area as well as the new hitler, or should I say Stalin, Hugo Chavez with his oil.

Anonymous said...

i have no words but to say i agree with every word of urs. i think the hizbullah ade a huge mistake, i also think that lebanon is a wonderfull country, much yo see althogh i saw it only from pics, hope ther will be peace somtime in our area but it depends in many people and from the people.
and writing all this althogh i'm an israely....