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Sunday, July 02, 2006

We condemned Palestinian but...

Israel start to attack to Gaza because an Israeli soldier took hostage by mad Palestinian militant but durning theses strikes only innocent people killed.
One person is captive instead of that they killed palestinian people until the soldier released .
This question always tease mu mind? Why Israeli residents are more important than Palestinian people for international community.
all officals in the west condemned stealing of Israel's soldier but no one never condemned Israel actions against Palestinian . every one ask both side for calm down ,but no one never asked Israel why target residential region ?
It’s seems like everyone accept the rights of Israel to do what they think it is essential for themselves. They even allowed killed kids and women because it is possible they join terrorist groups in future!
PS: in Iran evrtything is same but in a reverse manner : every one condemned Israel and describe all Palestinian as pure innocent people .


mina said...

Hello, My name is Mina. I live in the States. I am a Persian American. I found your blog on google. I am bored it's 1:34 am here. Just wanted to say hello. I want to learn more about Iran (I've never been, one day. So thought I'd try and make some internet friends) My yahoo is imogenbliss. If you want to chat. Cheers

bedir26 said...

For the same reason that iran suports palestinians. You said it yourself. Oh and I guess the we feel bad because of the nazi's and all...

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm an American living in Paris. I want to come to Tehran in Agust. Do you think that is a dangerous thing to do for an American girl in light of the political tension between our two countries?

Ryan said...

I firmly believe that what happens in life is meant to happen and isn't done by mistake. Yes it is a very horrible thing that the colonisation of Palestine happened by the Israelis and their constant abuse and murder of INNOCENT Palestinians - BUT I do believe (for some higher reason that god only knows ) that it was meant to happen and that Israel DOES have the right to exist.

What is needed is for both sides to stop the killing and fight it out over soccer or chess - quite literally.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous:

If you can get your visa, then there's no real problem about being in Iran. Except for airport officials, who seem to feel they will go to hell if they ever smile at anybody, people in Iran are unfailingly polite to all foreigners. They want to talk to Americans, not abuse them. And most educated people speak some English.

As a two-time visitor, I've had the advantage of being male, which opens a few doors to me that are closed to a woman. But you will have the other advantage - Iranian women will want to talk to you, to express their fears, their hopes, their concerns.

Go, and enjoy it!


Matt said...

Yasser man, I know I haven't posted in a while. I finally got my own blog, so I amped on that end. The thing I don't understand is why the Palestinians just don't release the soldier. The Israelis were nice enough to leave Gaza, that should've shown the Palestinians, "Hey, you have a golden chance to do what's right." Instead, they squanered it, big time.

Anonymous said...

Israel has had enough of hamas killing israli's. Hamas kidnapped a 19 year old soldier. Israeli leaves Gaza and hamas sends bombs and blows up Israeli's.

Hamas is at fault. they've declared war.

hezbullah has also declared war on Israel, with iran's permission, of course.

Anonymous said...

and to the American girl who wants to visit Iran.. are you nuts?!

It is not safe for Americans to visit Iran. I'm not even sure if you'll be allowed into the country with an american passport.

Chas said...

I agree with Matt. The Israelis pulled out of Gaza. The Palistinians showed the world how they could govern by electing Hamas, a terrorist organization. Now Gaza and Lebenon have been used as staging areas to invade Israel. Very bad!!!

Godel said...

I dont think it makes sense for persians to support palestenians. These are the same people who cheered Saddam when he sent suicide bombers to hit your homes. If they are able to destroy israel, guess what? you are next. In middle east the whole generation is lost to religious fundamentalisim. This lust for becomming martyre and ascending to heaven is swalloing everything. This will not stop. First they will fight against Israel and if they could destroy israel then they will destroy each other. Isnt fight between Hamas and Fatah proof enough? First it is muslims against jews and then it will be sunnis vs shias, if shias are subdued then it will be amongst sunnis themselves. Human, no matter what religion has a great lust to power. Religion has always been used as a tool to attain and retain this power. Europe has seen the horrors of mixing religion and politics in middle ages but instead of learning from their experiences, arab countries are experimenting with mixing religion and politics. They should be reminded that this mixing this is akin to mixing sulphur and water which only creates sulphuric acid.
A word about your persian leader Ahmadinejad. It seems he is drumming up nationlistic feelings at home and anti-semetic and islamic feelings outside. I have read comments by many educated iranians who are mightly pleased with Ahmadinejad because he is standing up to Americans. Standing up to Americans? Is that all you want? Why do persians have a tendency to shoot themselves in foot time and again. They have done it once in 1979 and now they are doing it again. Ahmadinejad is a shepherd who is driving his sheeps off the cliff. Dear Iranians dont be those sheeps.

Anonymous said...

Theoretically, Israel could simply send a polite note to the police in Palestine, but realistically, the angry public wants to see some action from their elected government.

If, in the heat of battle, terrorists use innocent people as shields, it means that they are too afraid to surrender or fight the Israelis whose anger they have provoked. At the start of the 20th century, no Arab man would have behaved in such a cowardly fashion, but nowadays it is the norm.

Leszek said...

Hi there! I live in Poland and have just found your blog on (I have link from
I'm very interested about what you write here...
You know, I really hate "political correctness" that shut our mouths when we want to speak the truth - now it doesn't matter what happened to all the Jews during the war, more important is that this doesn't give them any right to kill Palestinians! Don't misunderstand me... I respect all the Jews, as I respect all the people all over the world. But I will defend human's lifes, not nationality, religion or anything like that.
Greetings from Poland! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hezbollah has been labeled a terrorist organization by the United States the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Canada, Israel and Australia; the U.S. Department of State accuses Hezbollah of killing up to 300 American citizens (over 230 of whom were U.S Marines in Lebanon). On March 10, 2005, in a non-binding resolution, the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly (473 in favor, 8 against, 33 abstain) branding Hezbollah in whole as a terrorist organization.

As for Lebanon, hey, here’s an idea. How about the next time a terrorist organization takes over your country’s southern border, you say no?
How about the next time a terrorist organization wants to run for office in your country, you say no?
How about the next time a terrorist organization has its members appointed to your country’s cabinet, you say no?
How about the next time a terrorist organization sets up shop in your capital city, you say no?
All of these things would probably go a long way towards not having Israeli aircraft bombing the crap out of your infrastructure—which also happens to be the infrastructure that supportst Hezbullah.
You want it to stop? Lebanon should have done something about it a year ago, when they had the whole world ready to rush troops in and back them up if they wanted to get rid of the terrorists. You chose the path of least resistance, and now your country is paying the price.

patrick said...

"Why Israeli residents are more important than Palestinian people for international community."

Wrong question, as international community has done more than its share of trying to help Palestinian people. Right question is:
WHY DOES HAMAS NOT CARE FOR LIVES OF PALESTINIAN PEOPLE? Why do Palestinians have more desire for death (even to take on suicide attacks), than desire for a good life and compromise? Hamas still pretends like Israel has no right to exist and its 5 million people should just go away (WHERE?!?!), denying a reality that for 60 years Israel existed and for thousands of years Jews are part of Israel/Palestine.

"A few weeks ago all officals in the west condemned stealing of Israel's soldier but no one never condemned Israel actions against Palestinian ..."
Maybe Because the civilized world is sick and tired of trying to help Palestinians improve their situation and then seeing the terrorist leaders in Palestine/Gaza screw it up.

They are like drug addicts, only worse - their addiction is terrorism and hate. You give them money, they waste it; you set up elections, they vote the worst people in; you get Israel to make concessions, they treat it as weakness and only make more violence. Did you know that in Gaza, only a few thousand Jews who were living there, recently withdrawn by Israel, had horticultural greenhouses? They were just a few thousand people, but had 10% of economy of Gaza. Hamas came in, and now the greenhouses are gone. Hamas cannot run a country, cannot teach the young anything except blowing things up, cannot make decent jobs only train youngsters to be militia-men. They dont have diplomacy, they have rockets from Gaza that land in Israel - if they are a separate country, they are engaged in war, if they are part of Israel then they would be rightly called criminals and terrorists.

So what can international community say when Israel excercises their right of self-defense? This is nothing like Iraq-Iran war in level of violence and international world was silent on that mostly.

The problem is not Israel. If Hamas released one soldier, a soldier they had to cross border into Israel to kidnap, then Hamas could save many other lives of palestinians. Consider that they choose not to do that.

"Isnt fight between Hamas and Fatah proof enough?"

Anonymous said...

It is very troubling to see Hamas and Hizbullah acting with so little regard for the people around them. One poster asked why no-one complains about Palestinian loss of life, only Jewish. The analogy would be like this: Someone tries to break into your home and rape and kill your family, if you shoor that person to stop them, no-one cries about the attacjer. He got what he deserved. The person whose house got broken into is still the victim. That is why no-one seems to care about Palestinians. They do not know peace. They know only hatred and violence.
Hizbullah are the same - except they are the puppets of Iran.

Anonymous said...

israel must start to evacuate "all" occupied land in the west bank and gaza and go back to the 1948 borders. the UN must start to enforce all the general assembley resolutions related to this withdrawl. if not, then israel must be sent to the security council for sanctions and military strikes if they dont cooperate. and if the US like usual starts to block these proceedings, they should be refered for sanctions and military strikes as well.

thats the world without double standars, not the world we live in.

teri said...

Hi, I'm Teresa in Los Angeles.

In response to your questions about Israel bombing in civilian areas ... it is my understanding that Hezbollah is in civilian neighborhoods. The only way the IDF can get to Hezbollah is to go into these areas.

It is not like, say, Iraq where one could take out all the military installations in parts of the city that are not inhabited by civilians.

Is that not so?

Anonymous said...

this is prabu from India.I do agree that Israeli's left Gaza and I thought the long war was about to over but some nasty brains started it again.Its really bad.
For me its not americans,not palestenians not jews its the human.if u hit me its the same pain for you if i hit u back.everyone loves their family.
If we indians start acting like this,we should've nuked pakistan to ashes by this time.(hope u r aware of the train bombings in india recently and the history)its human life.u can shoot a person and kill him but can get him back.never.
I'm wondering why a lot policy makers and authorities who have the deciding power dont understand this.
you can't imagine of losing your children and you go,bomb and kill thousands of cant hurt your brother but u beat someone to death.(canadian somali affair,guantanamo bay enemy combatants,abu-gharb.....and iraqis beheading american journalists,my lai incident in vietnam).
these warlords(bush,saddam,osama,aidid,castro,etc) should be pushed into soccer ground and should be given firearms and let 'em exercise their powers.shoot each other.
not these innocent civilians and children more.....

i believe there is someone sitting above all of us and watching all these religion never asks u to kill anyone.
lets stop it.

Anonymous said...

Dear friend,
I am an Iraninan jew living in US..
It is a great concern to me also the things we see today. Please always remember war is not the answer, it brings the worst in us all. Because of my backgroun I put myself on the other side (think like a muslim person would I guess). What I believe is that extreme religon (orthodox Jews and Muslims) are the problem. Until there is those factors we will see the worst in both of us.
In conclusion, because I am a father of two, the picture on your site moved me yet I can tell you that I have seen footage that those extremest use families, small children, U.N. convoys as a shield.

Anonymous said...

If only your leaders could accept Israel as a nation that goes back 4,000 years ago, even their time in your country (700 bce) they were productive until you threw them out

You all live in a fantasy. Your only capable of making rugs and selling lousy oil so that the Russians, Chinese, the EU kiss your ugly faces

Get rid of that Armajand and the Supreme ruler. They are jokes to the world, but you are all cowards there. Think about it. Being led by a man who professes Holy the 21st century

Give us all a break
Remeber hezbollah invented SUICIDE BOMBINGS from the 14th century

Anonymous said...

If you yourself are not a coward, then why dont you go to Iran and say "they ALL live in fantasy..." to their faces?

If you are not a coward, and if you are so dissatisfied with the Islamic republic, then why dont you try to overthrow the mullahs of Iran by yourself as you comfortably sit in your chair and type on your keyboard?

Peaceful changes in the goverment dont happen instantly. It is naive to think that they are cowards because mullahs are still in pwoer.

Your attitude contributes to fanning the flames of hate and noone will be fooled. I feel sorry for you.

Keep in mind that the land now known as Israel-Palestine was part of the Persian empire for a very long time and Cyrus helped the Jewish people from oppression.

Persians and Jews are supposed to be long time friends.

We can all live together without this childish name calling