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Thursday, June 29, 2006

They want invent wheel again

They speak about new sciences. In many speeches they speak about Nanotechnology, biotechnology and of course nuclear technology! (do they know exactly meaning of these logies?)They claim that because these are new science and because we found importance of these science very soon we could achieve to summit of these science easily and then we will become one of most developing country cause of our achievements.
there is no doubt that Bio and Nano technologies will have an important role in next decades and I must admire at least in biotechnology I am aware of many good project s which descriptive in Iran’s universities.
But there is some vague points for example:
1-Definitely achieving new science needs tools, materials and communication with outer world. But when we separate ourselves from others with all kinds of sanctions we couldn’t evaluate our knowledge and method for our goal.
2- who is responsible for this isolation, Iran or others, we accuse them they restrict us from new science and they accuse that we research in wrong way for making biological and atomic weapons ?

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