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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Let me recommended you a book for familiarizing you more with Iranian culture. a book which has positive feedbacks these days in Iranian blog sphere *

Funny in Farsi : A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America

”Funny in Farsi” involve 20 humorous short stories written by an Iranian woman who immigrated to united state with her family when she was 7.
The writer more focus on Iranian immigrant society in united state and problems of adaption from both side (Iranian and American problems to accept each other)
The book also depicted Iranian manner with an excellent satire, for example when I read funny exaggerations of writer about his family and compare them with my life and my relatives my laughter was really out of control.
So I recommended you if you still didn’t read this book, don’t miss it because I am sure you will enjoy from houmor of the book
*Every year in mid of may Persian blog sphere is full of book recommendations because of Tehran book fair.


Persian Humor said...

Dear yasser,
Your english is good, and I enjoyed reading your blog, keep up the good work.

Farnooshyoga said...

Hi there, I read Funny in Farsi and it made me laugh & cry and I enjoy every page. I so related to Firoozeh's stories, I had to email her and we were in touch for a while. I am about to write a blog about her book too, if you like to read it, please visit Farnoosh reading blog . Thanks :)!

firoozeh dumas said...

Your English is pretty good! Keep writing.
Thanks for recommending my book. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it!


gretchen said...

Hi - I'm reading Funny in Farsi for my immigrant identity class at my college. I just stumbled across your blog when I was searching for more information on the author. Your English is quite good!