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Friday, June 09, 2006


For these days, we‘ve counted days and months for about eight years. We are eagerly waiting for what we experienced in France 98 world cup.
I remembered the night we won the match against USA; streets were packed with people who celebrated until late midnight
That night Iran’s leaders sent messages and congratulated this winning against Iran’s biggest enemy! But the only thing that was not important for us that night was this kind of views to a national victory. We celebrated only for our first victory in a world cup match.
And after 8 years we are preparing for celebrating our next victories in 2006 .
Another prediction from yasser nostradamus :
we will beat all of our opponents and Final match is between ...
any objection?
First match :
we lost first match (mexic3-1 Iran) , we were grate first half , but because we were played only with 10 players (our 37 years old captain was only walking during match) so we lost the second half ,but we are not disappointed yet because we still have 2 match and our captain (Ali Daei ) injured yesterday (thanks god ;)
Second match:
we lost second match too (Portugal 2-0 Iran) and eliminate from world cup. but we still have another match with Angola and we have only one choice to hope that at least we could defeat Angola .
Third match:
it was a boring match:( (Angola 1-1 Iran)


David said...

Hi, I'm hoping too that we will make it. Mexico and Portugal is gonna be VERY hard, but Angola will be fun. I remember that match against the USA very well. I think Iran won 2:1. At this time Mehrdad Minavand played in the national team. He also played for a styrian club in the Austrian league.

fifa2006 said...

I’m very exciting for today, If Rooney is fully recovered, of course he should play in the group stages.what do you think? How about tomorrow?
Anyway,Thank you for your blogger about world cup and By the way,I’d like to exchange message with you,and nice weekend

Nickname of team
Angola: Palancas Negras (Black Antelopes)
Argentina: Albicelestes (White-Sky Blues)
Australia: Socceroos
Brazil: Seleçao Canarinho (Canary Selection)
Costa Rica: Ticos (from the local linguistic habit of creating diminutives by adding “tico” instead of “tito” to the end of words)
Croatia: Vatreni (the Fiery Ones)
Czech Republic: Lokomotiva (the Locomotive, rarely used)
Ecuador: La Tri (Tricolors)
England: Three Lions (rarely used)
France: Les Bleus (Blues)
Germany: Die Nationalmannschaft (National Team)
Ghana: Blacks Stars
Iran: Team Melli (National Team)
Italy: Azzurri (Blues)
Ivory Coast: Les Eléphants (Elephants)
Japan: Blues
Mexico: El Tri (Tricolors)
Netherlands: Oranje (the Orange)
Paraguay: La Albirroja (White-Red)
Poland: Bialo-Czerwoni (White-Reds)
Portugal: Seleçao das Quinas (Selection of the Shields)
Saudi Arabia: Al Akhdar (the Green)
Serbia and Montenegro: Plavi (Blues)
South Korea: Reds
Spain: La Furia Roja (the Red Fury)
Sweden: Blagult (Blue-Gold)
Switzerland: Die Eidgenossen (the Oath Comrades)
Togo: Les Eperviers (Sparrow Hawks)
Trinidad and Tobago: Soca Warriors
Tunisia: Les Aigles de Carthage (Carthage Eagles)
Ukraine: Zbirna/Sbornaya (Selection, in Ukrainian and Russian)
United States: None, really, but we’ve been using Yanks and Amerks.
Dr Han (Super football fans)

brando said...

The US got spanked by the Chezks today.

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