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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dangerous iranians!

Maybe it was interesting for you to know that people who live in Iran couldn't download any Google softwares such picasa,Google earth ,Google SketchUp ,... or even Google toolbar for firefox!

Maybe you asked why?

U.S sanction Iran for 27 years ( I am 23years old) and because Google is an American company it shouldn't allow to dangerous Iranians to use its software because...

  • maybe we use picasa to mange pictures of our nuclear bombs .

  • we couldn't use Google toolbar because we may search on Internet "how I could made a bomb?"

  • or maybe we use Google SketchUp to simulate our dangerous nuclear sites in Natanz in 3D.

  • or using Google earth as a tool to see how we could nuke Israel? (we are trying achieve nuclear bombs because we are Iranians and our president is Ahmadinejad!)

what do they think about Iranians that they didn't allow us to use some free software that could be help people to educate their knowledge and thoughts .


P.S:iranian people are suspicious by both sides .government suspect us as a spy or comrade of west and we are suspected by people of outer world!! as an dangerous iranian.

believe me ,it is hard to live in such condition!


persianarchitect said...

lol....what can I say, a simple case of black comedy. very nicely put Yassar.

tVP said...

Yes, it hard.
How can we help?

tVP said...

OK, a post on "the ViewPoint" to give voice to it.

faraari said...

that's a whole lot of darkness you have to cope with :(

ami said...

Dear Yasser,
I can certainly see your point...


badnewswade said...

It's much the same over here mate, they just have better PR. The government pimps for attacks on minorities, rigs elections, suspends the right to a trial, and if they don't like a news story, they can slap a "D" notice on it, which spikes it forever (although if you're lucky, in 30 years you might democratically learn what actually happened!)

Your government does seem more brutal than our various governments in the West, at least in that their brutality is in-your-face- you still have public hangings and stuff - while our rulers do their killing out of sight... in foreign countries or in secret concentration camps. This is all news, you just have to dig a little as it wouldn't look too good on the front page of the paper. So it gets into obscure blogs and the odd media renegade like Keith Olbermann here

What I'm saying here is that our censorship, brutality, etc is a lot more well-managed than yours, but it's the same crud all the same. And then the *(^&^$s try and make us fight each other... nice system eh?

Beta said...

Somebody please tell Google: "Come on buddy! We are just some poor normal users. We love you, but we don't have any credit cards to buy anything on the internet. We don't have any relationship to terrorists or Ahmadinejad. What's the matter with you!? You aren't devil nor Microsoft. So don't be silly and don't try to be. You know Omid Kordestani. Is he a terrorist? Neither we are"

shayan said...

I've an idea: both google and iran goverment are the same one!!!
look: both of them are spying your private maters, both of them are leading you to where they want - not where you desire, best things belong to special freinds not you the poor one, you are free to dive into stuffs like se..x and actor pictures Not into important things like CODE and programmings that would make you more smart!
can you see?! are you still think Omid kurdistani or Ahmadinejad may help you in any area to make your life better?

Samuel Arthur Knight said...

I don't mean to be glib here, or perhaps I missed the joke, but couldn't it have something to do with the Iranian government censoring it, not Google not wanting to do business with percieved "terrorist states"? I mean Google does business in China with the Chinese government's permission and under their observation - remember, most American companies will do anything for a buck! (to be fair, though, Google is a very progressive and humane company, at least in the way they treat their employees)