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Monday, February 05, 2007

False propaganda

if your an American citizen today I wanna told you a fact about your government . VOA or voice of America (Persian service) are wasting  your tax money these days.

VOA Persian service television is not a neutrally media for Iranians rather is a media full of lies and news that is not reflect truth.and its programs are more comedy instead a real political program.

VOA also covers Iran news extremely darkly like Iran official television (tow end of a spectrum) but I belive that everything is grey (not white not black)

people who run  the TV which board casts Washington policy ! are some Iranian men and women that last memory of them from Iran is about 30 years ago when they fled form Iran after revolution and clearly supports monarchy and the last kingdom  density of Iran (Pahlavi).

many Iranians when get  tired from boring TV programs of IRIB and decide to see a comedy program they watched VOA TV programs and laugh to experts who speaks about Iran in roundtables.


Anonymous said...


I think you are right. Those iranians that have been living for 30 years outside Iran shouldn't waiste their time and their money to try to change the regime in Iran. Iranians who see things in grey and who are unable to distinguish good from bad should remain in the shithole that Iran has become under the Islamic Republic. And please tell all the Iranians who lining up in front the Canadian, europeans or US (in Dubai) embassies that they are much better watching VOA in Teheran than having a descent live in the West.

Signed by an Iranian who has been living in Europe for 27 years and wishes spineless Iranians like Yaser the best under the mollah's regime and regret profoundly the lost of lifes of those who actually cared for Yaser and his likes

Anonymous said...

I don't watch TV. I have seen a few times VOA at friends place, and indeed, it is absolutely unrelated to the current situation in Iran.
I was also wondering: can't they find among all those bright people, someone to be taken seriously by people?
You wonder what they are trying to accomplish... make the current government look good?

naj said...

I think the spined western dwellers may do what they wish, as long as they do not deploy their armies along with the enemy to fight Iranian soldiers.

There are quite a few people who are fighting FOR Iran, inside Iran. Those who find Iran to be too big a shithole for them, and who prefer to live abroad, may as well do so (bt it's better to do it without pretense of heroism; in my honest western-living opinion!)

I think it is VERY important that we learn to respect eachothers choices, and fr once come together as a peole against an UNJUST war that America has launched on us! Bush in not out there to liberate us!

Anonymous said...

Neither are you Naj.

By the way, who, in your opinion, is very active inside Iran to promote democracy and respect for human rights.

What annoys me is that it makes Yaser laugh but it doesn't make laugh the mollahs who sent their killers across the world to kill their opponents (and I'm not even mentioning the thousands that they killed at home).

Anonymous said...

Here in Europa it is also pretty obvious that the propaganda machines of the US and it's NATO allies (that includes us unfortunately) are making overhours spreading propaganda to promote another war, this time with Iran.

People are so short-sighted that they will blame this conflict on Ahmadinejad, even though Iran was put in the "Axis of Evil" (sic) before he became President.

But it will be another case of amnesia regarding such arguments in the mainstream media.

Unfortunately, there is not much we can do except write about these issues and inform others.

@ anonymous :

"By the way, who, in your opinion, is very active inside Iran to promote democracy and respect for human rights."

Do announcements like those of Condoleezza Rice, who announced she had a funds to finance the opposition in Iran actually help or hinder the opposition ?

I assume the regime will use this against the opposition by labelling them pro-American spies or traitors ?

Furthermore, is bombing Iran a way to promote civil rights in Iran ? It makes me think about the last speech of Kofi Annan in which he clearly stated that Iraqi's are in a worse situation now compared to 4 years ago ?

I suppose anyone inside as well as outside Iran understands that human rights should be improved. But war is not the way to achieve it ?


(The Netherlands)

Anonymous said...

yasser jan, ghorboonet beram. toro be jane harki doostesh dari in ghesmate "worst university in the world" ro hazfesh kon. akhe nasalamati man ham faregholtahsile hamoonjam va too resume-am zekr kardam. mamnoon.

brando said...


Anonymous said...

Signed by an Iranian who has been living in Europe for 27 years and wishes spineless Iranians like Yaser the best under the mollah's regime and regret profoundly the lost of lifes of those who actually cared for Yaser and his likes

The fact that regime change would be a good idea imho -as long as the Iranians decide on a new government, and not western interests- doesn't make propaganda into truth.

Anonymous said...

The whole 'axis of evil' statement by Bush has its traces in a speech given by Ronald Reagan after Iran seized the U.S. Embassy workers in the late '70s and held them for over 400 days. That hostage crisis is still very fresh in the memories of most Americans. I am 36, and I remember it very well.

I think it is ignorant to start pointing out which country started the fight between the U.S. and Iran. I also think it is ignorant to say that Iran is a democracy. It is a theocracy run by a few select religious leaders, who could change the president of Iran like changing their socks.

The real revolution (or "regime change") in Iran will take place within the small circle of religious leaders. Those of us who carry a burden for the Iranian people pray that this will happen soon.


Anonymous said...

Why do you call Yaser "spineless?"

Anonymous said...

Yaser, these days, I envy you in that you are able to get by in English and are fully fluent in Farsi. I am currently limited to the Romance languages and am struggling with Hebrew. Would be great if I understood Farsi. Reason is, we here in the US hear a lot about what your government and its associated religious leaders are saying about the US (that it's evil and stupid...which on some levels I actually wholeheartedly agree but would never resort to supporting terrorism to attempt to effect a change; more pertinently, though from time to time, we get translations of your president's speeches that include reference that we will be wiped out if we don't accept Islam); we hear extremely alarming things that your president says about Israel (that she should not exist and will be wiped out) and about the Holocaust (that it never happened). Since I neither speak nor read farsi, I just want to know (from someone who does) is what the US & Israeli media says the Iranian government is saying about them, true??? Is it true? Or is it just one more case of a "third party" at work? (definition here:
I eagerly await your response in Lost Angeles.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify the above (see, English is my second language [first is Spanish, though I picked up English almost 20 years ago at age 4] so I suppose I am either forgiven for the gross grammatical mistake, or I am just reminding the world what an overall, relatively speaking to the rest of the world, illiterate country the US is. Anyway, what I MEANT to ask was, is it true that your president is saying these things about the US and Israel? Or is it just a "third party" (definition here
that is purposely making your president look like satan incarnate?

Connie said...

We already know that our tax money is wasted. We know we have a Goebbels propaganda machines. Do you know who Goebbels was? If not, look him up. When we vote we have 2 choices - a pile of cow shit and a pile of horse shit.

Your English if fine.
Feel free to visit my blog sometime.

PeaceTransparencyNonviolenceHonesty said...

I am some average 19 year old male from the name is Doug.

To every person and government: 99%+ transparency in government. No secrecy. Stop greed. Stop the violence... If everyone united, if all the resources, time, and human life were used on something other than wars and hatred, we would live in a much better world. I hope the people who make hundreds or millions as much money as myself actually love life...Keep the Internet without much regulation. Freedom of information is crucial. Crazy people can believe what they want and should be able to post whatever they want.

It's sad really...People are probably fighting for a)disinformation b)misinformation c)hate d)revenge e)greed

yikes, that was a crazy rant.


Anonymous said...

You are so right it is wrong of Iranians who have left 30yrs ago to still hold on to their past. Their wishes don't reflect the realities on the ground, but then the realities on the ground don't reflect the realities either. So Iran will saunter along, unsure of it's future, clearly unclear of it's ultimate direction which it pursues with rigor who's true vigor is based on bluster and sham.

Anonymous said...

as long as we put each others efforts down, we won't get anywhere. iranians are both in iran and outside it. their realities may be different, but they are one people. to write off the concerns and realities of any side is pathetic. we've always been and always will be a nation of diversity. but unless we turn this into a strength, we'll continue to struggle and suffer and blame everyone but ourselves. yaser is just as responsible for iran as the one who lives in europe as am i as is the next person....we need to stop shoving the blame on others and take real hard look at ourselves.

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