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Monday, June 25, 2007

Life as a soldier

It is about 2 month that i did not write anything here .it have 2 reason
first :Iran restricted another site . It is about 2 weeks that we could not access to without anti filter software!!!!!!!!
second:-it is about 2 month that i am a soldier in Iran's army so most of the nights i sleep in Garrison.
serving in army as a Iranian soldier:
life as a soldier it is complicated, a mixture of fun ,hard life ,friendship ,unreasonable orders(at least for me as a new solders ), Exhaustion,hope,anguish,Desire and ...
first days remembered for me "Full Metal Jacket" movie .they treat with us a little tough and we must endure them but after tow weeks i get used to my new life and even i enjoy it(absolutely they were not as tough as before ) . everyone found new friends and we made our gangs and group separately although we were still a big team !

maybe to be continue...


Anonymous said...

Nice you're back

Leily said...

Hi, I was very interested by your post, you should definitely continue -possibly in more detail.

By the way, I think your english is very good. I'm always surprised by how much us Iranians know.

Gabriel said...

I like your blog perhaps you would be interested iun this article on my blog about George Bush declaring the Iranian Revolutionary guards 'terrorists'

I visited Tehran on an academic exhange in 1998, greetings from gabriel in County Kerry, Ireland to all Iranian friends

Naj said...

Please take care of yourself.

I am going to do my share, all I can, to prevent the criminals in Washington to put you in harms way.

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Anonymous said...


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