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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Yasser: a soldier robot

Oh my god. I cannot even remember when was the last time I log in on blogger(83 day).
From the day I enter to army I lost my sense to everything (my
weblog,my book,my studies and... Every early morning I wake up, put on my clothes and go to garrison.
I've lost my interest to everything.I feel I am continually forgot my
knowledge (for example my English getting worse or I feel I am forgetting what I learn in university for 4 years) I am a robot now.
Today I am thousand kilometer away from home I must live alone for 2 year away from my family.
I also I miss my computer ,my PC these days is a nokia6630 which I
surf the web and I am writing this post with it


Paul B said...

Hey man,
Hang in there and don't give in to any despair and doubt. If anything use your time in the military as a test of discipline and inner strength. Don't lose your sense of principle and integrity. I'm a young american (24) and I feel strongly that in whatever way our generation should connect more and more. I think that with the internet people around the world can communicate and learn together. So hang in there and know that we youth can create the future together and we can make alliances and friendships to create a better future for each other and generations that will come after us. Two years isn't much time especially when you have a strong sense of purpose and heart to see you through. So remember you have friends you've never met that know you can succeed!


Anonymous said...

Dear Brave One,
Keep blogging and practicing your English. Don't worry, we (Americans) will never laugh at your English. In fact, we have a lot of respect for those who learn the language.
Keep your head up high. Stay true to yourself and know we're praying that you and your country will one day know the taste of true Freedom.
I have faith you will.
Stay strong, never give up, never surrender to the oppression.
You can do it!

Anonymous said...

Hey strong soldier!

You are not so very far from Burma.
I think they need your help.

Babilon said...

I´m a journalist from Spain. I´ve been covering Iran for some years, after Khatami´s victory, my birthday´s day, 1999.
So sorry what happened later. Yesterday, I view the movie "Persepolis", by Marjane Satrapi... Wonderful and suggest to all...
Remember that wonderful quotation from Groucho Marx: "Or intelligence, or military..."
Keep your head up, and your computer on...
All the best

*sj* said...

my "namzad" is in the military there right now...I was born here and raised here but i guess this is just how things ended up far away from each other and it sucks.... i dont know if you are in the same place as him but you two are most likely going through a lot of the same thing...don't let them get the best of you ...keep your head up... 2 years be zoodi tamoom mishe...oh and your English is great just keep practicing keep up the blogging ! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Yasser! Good luck with your life as a soldier... and rememberm it's "just" for two years!