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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Competition to watch more!

when you are alone in a big house naturally you have more time to watch movie and read the books which you haven't enough time to read and watching them before.

I also started to watch some American series .first season of ugly betty full seasons of sex and city and also 2 seasons of desperate housewives.

last night I watch a weird movie ."Life of others" a film about eastern Germany and secret agents of national security of DDR .the film won Oscar of foreign movie this year.

I have the same feelings that I had after reading 1984.

I really confused and bewildered after seeing similarity of this movie with where I am living .

in film you hear exactly same quotes about country and society and serving to your country with helping to government ,also same agents who have a top access to every angle of life of other people to protect "the country" or similarity of being few model of cars in streets in both countries.

and ...


Rodman said...

hi, this is the first time i visit your blog. it's good to see another iranian blogging in english.
I had the same feeling after reading 1984 back in highschool, the similarities of the Big Brother empire with our country are a lot. I should get and see the movie too.
P.S: check out my blog at :

SorenK said...

You have a link from the Daily Telegraph newspaper in the UK. Congratulations! Now the English public are aware of your blog.

And don't worry about your standard of English. Yes, at times it is a little strange, but you only make very small mistakes - nothing terrible.

It's a very interesting blog and I find it fascinating to read about your life in Iran. I hope one day our countries can be good friends.