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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Khaki is my favorite color or I hate white

I always wished that I live somewhere cold like north pole or Canada ,but I must confess that I am regret for my wish .it is about 3 weeks that Iran blanketed with snow (epically where I live these days) .I really tired and I wish I could see the color of soil again , these days everything is white and icy .it is about 3 weeks that we only experience the temperature below zero (min -1, max -24).

It is also a unique situation for Iran government .it is a real national crisis that government and Mr. President must conquer with it.

In first days of crisis most of the roads closed and all the flights canceled even all international flights. Gas ran outing in pipes of the country which has second largest revere of gas in the world.

But government could easily manipulate this dangerous situation. Mr. President announce a week of holiday for all the country that could be extendable and he then fired the chairman of Iran Meteorological Organization ;)


Anonymous said...

Salam Yasser! Thank You for Your blog! Last night I watched a comment about young people living in Teheran on German TV. We think about You in here! Take care! Julia and David

TheRavon said...

Salam Yasser, first of all thank you for your perspective. 2nd I would like to say 100 yrs is not along time, why can't we understand everyone from every angle. I dont mean completely,come on, just alittle. I mean, are we so so different, I like to think not. I love my children as we all do. Some where down inside of everyone of us has to be an understanding of what it is we want to happen, or to see in the world, if not for us. Then to our children and so on. I am the Ravon. You can get back with me at theravon(at)