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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


persepolis maybe you heard or even see persepolis a autobiography film by marjan satrapi.the film describe Iran between 70 to mid 90s. .

the film had many reactions in west it is even nominate for best animation in Oscar,and also won the jury prize in canne.

when I watch the movie it was a little weird and strange for me for example I am not agree with her views about Iran Iraq war  ,maybe because I am not in the same class that the director belong to that in Iran society or maybe because I am not old enough to remember things that other experienced in 80s.

but in other hand I really could feel that satrapi didn't lie in her comics and film.maybe there was not all truth in the film but  she describe her views honestly.


Peronace said...

Hi, what exactly didn't convince you on Satrapi's statement about Iran-Iraq war? I'm interested in understanding how new generations interpret that period and how they see it now, after war in Iraq, after defeat of Sunnis and this kind of reconciliation between the 2 countries now. We, western people, pretend to understand today's life in Middle East by simplifing positions, putting easy labels on every situation or group, by giving fast and ready definitions to a reality that is not at all so "black or white", "good and evil",...

My name is Chantal, I live in Italy, italian-french nationality. Bye bye.


Keep on Blogging my freind!


matja said...


My name is Matthias Koch. I`m a nineteen year old student from Switzerland. Two years ago I traveled with my family through Iran and we visited Teheran, Yazd, Shiraz, Kerman, Esfahan and Bam. Thats why I`m interested in Iran.
Actually I`m writing on an exposition about the life of young people in Iran. And for that reason I woud like to get in touch with young iranish people. I found your blog on the web and would like to get in touch with you. I would be pleased if you answer.


jillm said...

Hi! My name is Jill and I am from Canada. I am really interested in blogs from Iran. I have just begun to learn about how many blogs are written everyday and how popular they are. I am completely fascinated by the youth of Iran. I will keep reading your blog, it is very interesting! I cannot believe that freedom of expression is so oppressed and controlled. I would like to see Persepolis and read the comics. It was quite popular hear but not in the theatre for very long.

Bayan said...

Hello Yasser,
I am sure that I am a little late with posting on this blog since you made this post in March of 2008. Still, I feel the need to express my opinion and ask a question about this. I am a student in a University in America and I am taking a Middle Eastern Studies Course. One of the readings on our list is Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. I read this book a few years ago, so I do not remember everything that was in the book, so I find it very interesting that you are writing about the movie. Why do you feel that the movie was false in some ways? (give examples please) Also, I know you did not speak about this in the blog itself, but do you feel that females were misrepresented in how they were treated in the movie as opposed to how they are treated in real life? I would love to hear back from you soon. Thanks