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Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Ali Larijani one of top men of conservatives getting ready for next presidential election in next year so he dismiss from administering of IRIB (Iran broadcasting) by leader.
IRIB is biggest origination in Iran with a massive budget.
They say that IRIB responsible for our culture against Cultural invasion. (Cultural invasion is a word that they make for abroad culture).
IRIB has monopoly in TV and radio in Iran .and had most popular newspaper of Iran also IRIB has one of biggest book and multimedia publisher in Iran.
Reformists say that because IRIB is under control of conservatives they cannot success contact with people. and the only media that reformist have is newspapers that with order of leader most of them close in 2000 year .it is simple to understand that this game is unfair .conservatives have biggest media in Iran and reformist only have a few newspaper.

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