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Monday, May 31, 2004

An uncleric choice as speaker of parliament

Hadad Adel

For the first time after revolution 1979 an uncleric choice as speaker of parliament by new MPs. he is Gholam Ali Hadad Adel .a relative of leader.
I remember 4 years before of these day when reformist MPs wants choice Mohammad Reza Khatom (brother of president) as speaker, conservatives objected that top men of power in Iran have to be cleric because Iran is an Islamic republic!
And with these pressures, conservatives forced MPs to choice Mehdi Karoobi. But u see now that they achieve parliament they forgot their words.
*Personally I agree with this choice because I think it is another step to reform. But I am sorry because...
**I feel my posts are so politically and I think it is not good because of several reasons. One of these reasons is this that my political posts are so stupidly and very simple. So it is better I only study my lessons.


Anonymous said...
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Yasser said...

sorry. i deleted last comment wrongly :(

Anonymous said...

Nice blogs and thoughts...
Your english is not half as bad as you think...

Mehran from Stockholm.