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Sunday, June 06, 2004

This weblog might goes to holiday

Exams are near and I must study lessons that I never read them in duration term .and for this my blog might goes to holiday. But there is a problem that I almost always didn’t care to exams .I know that is a bad habit so I decide to remove this bad habit from myself! But there is a problem again that every year I promised to myself that I do this decision.


TANDIS said...

سلام عزيزم ياصر جان ممنونم از پيامت من از پروانه زرد و رنگ صورتي خوشم مياد اگه وبلاگم زرد بود رنگ پروانه زرد خوب ديده نميشد از دقت و توجهت ممنونم بازم به من سر بزن حالا كه وقت امتحاناته بعداً بيشتر هم ديگه رو ميبينيم ممنونم ژانت تنديس

Medya said...

Hi I am a kurd . bloggging in enlgish !
you can see both my photoblog and my blog

bye byee

Medya said...

well you know nothing about kurds !
we are in minority but democrasy waranty federal government ! that they are going to not give Federal to us !