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Friday, December 17, 2004

America ,Iran and WTO

America for 20th was disagree with request of Iran for joining WTO but was agree with request of Afghanistan and Iraq. it is clear that economy of Iran is more better these occupied countries. so what is problem ?until when we must tolerance this kind of discriminatory treatments with countries and people of countries ?(do you know that America didn't allow Shirin Ebadi winner of noble prize to publish his book in united state)
it is a reality that America is strongest in the world and it is completely stupidly if you think u can haven't relation with America and think Europe is a good alternative .But Iran leaders unfortunately think that they could.
Absolutely I am not agree relation such Arab countries have with America .I don't like American reform that is in great middle east plan .it is a big joke if America wants reform in countries that were for decades in hands of dictators who were friends of united state. But I believe that Iran must have talks and independent relation with all countries in the world (especially strongest) because they lost chances if they only speaks with each others trough Swiss and Pakistan embassies!


Anonymous said...

Even if Iran wants to have a better relation with the USA, do you think America will allow that to happen? America wants to have better relationship with those countries who can play the role of servant to America, like United Kingdom does. Any other sovereign countries who are independent minded and who wants to have their own voices in the world affairs can never become a true friend of the USA because US doesn't like these type of countries. For example look at the relationship USA has developed with most of the European countries. Then look at the relation USA has with the world's largest democracy - India. Even when India wants to have a best friendliest relationship possible with the USA, America threatens India that to have such relationship India must help America (namely in its war against free countries) in every single thing and can never go against any decision of the USA. That's why USA is not even helping India to get a UN security council seat, or with other technology related things. I can tell you all these because I am from India.

So, if Iran ever wants to become a good friend of the USA, Iran has to bend its back and serve the USA. Will you or anyone like that?

I am very much interested to know about Iran, its culture and its people. So, if possible, drop me a line at

Thanks, KL

Yasser said...

I agree with kl about what he wrote in my last post about Iran and USA relation .in my post I want to say my country must have talks with USA .because they lost chances if they only speaks with each others trough Swiss and Pakistan embassies!

Felix Schwarzbeck said...

Hi Yasser, suddendly I found your blog on the internet. It´s interesting, specially your political blogs (all). Your english is not that bad, dont worry.

I want to learn about Iran culture,politics, lifestyle and the position of your country and yourself about war in Iraq. By the way, my email is

Keep writing on your blog. :D

Looking forward to heard about you. See ya. Bye.

Darnell Clayton said...

To say the US is unconcerned with the rest of the world and that we seek their relationship only in "servant mode" is pretty much laughable. If that was the case we would not "interfere" with other nations around the world in order to help out with their economies.

This war on terror is costing us an arm and a leg. And although their is hatred about what we are doing by some people in Iraq, the majority would probably agree with what we are doing (check out Iraq the Model for an example).

That is all I have to say...Selah!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. When we Persians return to our homeland we'll wipe all you filthy Arabs out. Relations with the U.S. won't be your problem.