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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Yalda Night

Iranian celebrated last night of fall on December 21st as longest night of year from before of Islam and we still celebrate Yalta night.(read more)
Iranian family gather this night, stay awake until late night ,have dry fruit and seed, special feast(maybe fish and rice) and talks about everything and listen to stories that grand fathers told (I think this days swap with popular TV shows).
Iranian for thousand years celebrate these nights as one of many special occasions that they had like Norooz, Mehregan, and... but today we only celebrate this night and Norooz (Iranian new year) as a Iranian tradition.
I hope at least these tow Iranian occasion (which are still alive) don't forget with western occasions like valentine and Halloween. (Valentine became very popular among youth in Iran these years)
you can see some cartoon about Yalda Night here


Darnell Clayton said...

Kinda humerous...would you know the translation for those who do not speak Farsi?

Anonymous said...

Funny, but this sounds just like a Yule celebration . Except for Yule, you're supposed to stay awake until sunrise.

Realtor Yalda said...

I didn't find the Yalda cartoons, did the link move?

But I like what you wrote about, since my name is Yalda :). Your English is fine, keep working at it...

So what else do you do on Shab e Yalda? can you tell me about other 'festivals'? I would like to keep those 'alive' for my daughter.

Jina said...

First of all, I want to address people who left you comments here "I am not sure what is funny or humerous about what Yasser wrote!!"

Second, I just would like to give Yasser a couple engouraging words: 1- You're English is fine Yasser. Keep on writing at it will get even better. 2- It's nice what you're doing: writing about culture and heritage of your country, so keep on doing it and good luck :-)