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Thursday, December 09, 2004

My president

May you heard about speech of president khatami in Tehran University in the last year of his presidency. Students blamed khatami for giving up what he promised to people that elected him twice. But I don't think students really protest to khatami they protest the person who didn't allow khatami do what he promised but because character of khatami is unique they protested to him instead of other who they couldn' cann't imagine like this session with other person that have power in Iran .Any way khatami is still my favorite president and I rely on him.
Iran TV show this session with a lot of censored .they censored speech of students that complain to conservatives but show speech of preventive of basij!


Darnell Clayton said...

Hmm...I have heard a lot of complaining about that fellow. Do you have any links where I could find a video of this?

Leege said...


Sorry to hear about the situation in your country. It's a shame Khatami hasn't done more for you out there, but I think you're right in that the religious leaders have things locked down and a lot of things are out of his control.

It's good to hear from you out in Iran. There are a lot of people here in America rooting for you guys to get the sort of freedom you deserve. I have to admit there are a lot of Christian conservatives in this country that would like to establish the same sort of government you have out there here in the USA, except they'd pray to Jesus, of course. Other than that, there isn't really any difference. We're going to fight that here, and I hope you have better luck, too.

P.S. Don't worry about the English, it's fine. I'm embarassed to admit my linguistic knowledge is limited to English and a few Spanish words. Too many people in America don't take the time to learn other languages. A lot of them don't even speak English that well!

Anonymous said...

you are right. we are loosing another unique character like Mosaddegh and Bazargan.