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Friday, January 07, 2005

A dangerus disaese

Yesterday in our university!!! Was a session to protest to something(for example quality of food or….) students gathered on time to protesting .I admit that it wasn’t serious and important but what was important for me was act and behavior of a student(maybe my friend ):
He attended in session and pretended that he is with students.
but half hour later when he saw a Person from security he told him:” if I was a security I Taught them something that never again want protest to something, I had experience like this in 18 Tir “(public protests in 2000 in Iran )
I know that all of his words are bluff and lies (he was ONLY 15 in 2000) but what is interesting for me is pretending what these day Iranian society suffer from it. he pretended that he is on side that students are and then when he saw his benefits are in danger pretend that he is not with student. Many people are like him in Iran because when you pretend and easily change your skin u can achieve money and power .and i think one who pretend didn’t believe to anything... and for this, it is dangerous because when people without it cannot have a comfortable life all of them try to pretend and then society collapse ...
I don’t know that “pretend” is a suitable word or not but if you found what I want to say and know a suitable word please inform me

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Sean H. Banks said...

People "want"/"need" money, power, status, security, comfort, etc.

What do they have to do to get those things? Lie? Betray? Pretend?

If you ask me, "society" is one big pretense/illusion.

There are people like your maybe-friend all over the world, it is two-faced, cowardly weaklings like him who keep the slave-economy from collapsing.

Pretending is not always bad. If it stops you from getting killed, tortured or imprisoned, I would say it is a rational course of action.

So long as you don't believe the shit yourself. Once you have started to depend on the pretend-structure, you are no longer fully human, you are a robot.


I like your blog, it's informative and intelligent.

Who cares about the grammar, I can understand you just fine. Anybody shallow enough to laugh at foreign accents because they think they speak some form of "superior" mainstream English are idiots. Forget about them.

Regards from a 29 year-old British "subject." ;)