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Sunday, January 02, 2005

New year ,Maybe new blog

every day I open the notepad and I try to write something but I don’t know why I couldn’t .I couldn’t even write a word in English .I don't know write about what and if I knew I couldn’t write it in English(I think I must have another blog in Persian because some words are that I couldn’t translate them).there were a lot of things that I would write about them:tsunami disaster that exactly occurred one year after bam earthquake or about Mustafa Moeen candidate of reformists! (these days reform is more like a joke in Iranian society) for next presidential election or my terrible situation in university and final exams And..
Anyway I hope I could update here more.
Oh I just forgot it:
Happy New Year

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steffanie said...

Hang in there! The English words will come back! :-) But blogging in Persian as wellas English is a good idea. I blog in three languages: Swedish (my mother tounge), English and German and it's good practise.

Happy New Year to you as well!