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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Ridiculous exams

In season of exams I thinly it is good writing something about final exams in university. Ridiculous exams.
I really don’t understand the reason of these exams when most of students didn’t learn anything during term. Teacher has a notebook that belongs to when he/she was student and in class read it for us and we write without understanding in our paper what he read to reading to next generation of students!
Ok now its time for test.
You stayed awake all the night before exam and try to remember the content of the notebook for only exam. Tomorrow in session of exam you answer what u remembered and finally you pass it with a normal score.
but you have not any idea when ask you this lesson that you passed was about what and if ask you a question (that even was in exam and you answered it correctly) u cannot answer because you forgot what all you learnt for exam.
I think something lost in educational system in Iran maybe only one ring or maybe more than one ring.


Sean H. Banks said...
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Sean H. Banks said...

"Education" is bullshit, anyway. Iran, UK, US, all full of shit. Think about it, those so-called "educators" are no more than a bunch of retards who've proved themselves too stupid to pursue a career as proper scholars/scientists, so all they have left is "teaching."

Those who can't do, teach.

Anonymous said...

Hey my name is Adam, I live in the states.

I came across your site and I think it's cool what your doing. That other guy commenting is crazy, he needs to relax...

Anyhoo Im gonna continue to post, keep up the bloggin!

Anonymous said...

My name is Amy. I'm from the U.S., and I came across your blog by accident. Your post about exams made me laugh. You described my college experience exactly, although I went to school in the U.S. almost 15 years ago. I guess it's the same all over. Why do you say that your university is the worst in the world?

Sean H. Banks said...


I am perfectly relaxed, you might want to examine your own mindset before criticising others, you little dummy.

Say something of value, or shut up idiot.

Regards, Sean.