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Sunday, September 18, 2005

How I could be successful?

I decided write a criteria for myself that how i could be success in my life (otherwise I write my advises to myself )
Certainly being success in my view is what I feeling, i mean if only I feel that I am successful is it enough for me so maybe one time when I have
Money I feeling successfully and another time when I am reading a amazing novel!
it is only a feeling
*pls comment that when you feel you are successful and ways that you think it is road to success (pls help me to complete this criteria)
*I think the success and successfully is not exactly word that i want to say anyway i didn’t find the word in English when i was searching my mind .
*i try update this post

1-you have to working hard, if you wake up at 9 of morning and sleep at 10 of the you only achieve nothing in whole of your life
2-if you want to be success you also should studying i don’t mean that you have to studying hard for exams, I mean you must studying hard for what awareness really interesting in it.
3-do not loose any chance in your life because maybe it was that occasion that you waiting for it and it is for changing for your life. But never be so regret for loosing chance because maybe loose another one.
5-never being disappointed because it is a strong poison for your life that could spoil rest of your life
4-always be aware of what happening around you.
5-Shyness and laziness are in inside of me, try beat them because it didn’t allow you to become successes.


cherry said...

I would say that if you have worked those points out then you are very successful already

Sudevan Segar said...

Success is in your mind, train your mind and you will be successful. Do what you love and success is with you. Sometimes we unknowingly avoid doing things that we love due to must remove FEAR....and success is does not matter where you live..your conditions or anything else..please program your mind to feel, live and enjoy success from now on.

The moment you realize that you want success you are already on its path
take care