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Friday, September 09, 2005

Iran and Katrina hurricane

What is interesting theses days for me in Iran is about how radio and television covered news about Katrina hurricane.
They are insisting in the news that how Bush administration couldn’t help people who suffer from this disaster.
I know that rescue mission was not good in Katrina hurricane. But what they try to say is that if we (as Iran government) face with this kind of disaster we were better.
Anyway I am not forgotten Bam earthquake and I hope never a disaster like Tehran earthquake happen that they want prove their allegation.


nick said...

i can't say anything about iran's disaster relief capacity, but there are plenty of people here in the states saying that bush's response was completely inadequate.

Hydra said...

True, Bush has shown that he's not able to manage any disaster of great magnitude. But The Iranian government media is trying to get some credit from the the people by stressing bush's failure. Their point is: "you see? we told you the U.S. was evil. Now, thank God you live in the Islamic Republic"....