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Friday, September 23, 2005

Please first think about your mistakes

They said why educated and intellectual (middle class) people didn’t support their government .why you didn’t defend your government. they said when we(as system) are standing against Europe and US to preserve Iran nuclear peaceful(!)technology achievements why you are silent and only watch what we are doing .they said you must set up a software movement for defend your country, why you don’t write about Iran rights for achieving high technology .why don’t you complain about high technology Apartheid about Iran .
And I think
Maybe they are right but why should Iran stand for 27 years against US for nothing? Or why they lost chances for relation?
Why we are always waiting for a war or sanctions. I am really tired, I want to live as people in other country I want to use best technology in my life but because our leaders standing against US they cannot make chances for their people for a better life.
Why they are not thinking about their mistakes in theses years instead standing?


Anonymous said...

they are piece of shit.don't think about them

Shiva said...

Well, perhaps once Iran successfully attains nuclear energy, you'll begin to live in a technologically advanced country. I mean, wouldn't you rather have your country to succeed on its own intelligence and abilities (as we know, many Iranians have high IQs), rather than halt what is in Iran's best interests so that it can cater to the U.S.'s or Britain's best interests? Would you allow yourself to put a not-so-friendly, super powerful, super rich acquaintence before yourself? If you would sacrifice your chance to advance, just so another who is already advanced can be happy with your behavior, then I can see why you dismiss Iran's resolve.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so your English is bad. But hey, it is not that bad, you are communicating, and I enjoy reading your blog. So who cares! Keep on writing, that is what is important. Have your voice heard; grammar is a side issue!
Great job, keep on going!

Leege said...

One idea I heard some of our more thoughtful writers on foriegn policy, Thomas P.N. Barnett, suggested we should immediately offer to allow Tehran to develop a full nuclear program and the renewal of diplomatic and economic ties with the U.S. in exchange for Iran cutting all ties to Hezbolla and other similar organizations as well as taking an active role in peacekeeping in Iraq. What do you think of this? What effect do you think such an offer would have on the government?

Shiva said...

Wow, Leege, that indeed sounds like an offer that can't be refused. But I wonder if Iran would require the U.S. to first return the country's assets, now worth somewhere around $9 billion (give or take), that were sent to the U.S. during the shah's reign. Since the American Hostage Crisis in the early '80s, those assets have been frozen, and they seem to be a major point of contention for Iran and its future relations with the U.S.

Anonymous said...

I expect the US will release the frozen cash when Iran has a recognizable democracy and stops the call for the elimination of western culture. Iran with nuclear weapons will NEVER happen.