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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tow side of a coin

First side

United state military budget is about 500 bilions of dollars . Iran and U.S are enemy for 28 years .

Iran tests missiles which priced hundred thousands of dollars because Iran's enemy have a 500 billion dollars budget and put its army near Iran's boarders .

Iranian official told that Iran have the least military budget among countries of region(?) .countries which are smaller than many cities of Iran . every year they buy billions dollars of military equipment from west because they are frightened from military of their neighbors especially Iran so they try to make the country and the regime more powerfully and put in a Palladium status by buying more weapons and fighter plane .

Other side

Every year many many of people suffer and died from poverty and starvation and diseases .

In Africa thin children for decades are subject of pictures which won top prize of photography completions

In Asia people of many country like North Korea or even India or Pakistan suffer from poverty.

I can feel more suffering in my own country .

in Iran many families live only with trifle government pension (is only 30$ in a month!).many people didn't get any social care service by government...

but still governments forced to spend more military budget because their existence threatened by their enemies (or at least they are suspicious about it.)

when and which ecumenical mechanism could cut this broken cycle ?


I am in a bad mood and so depressed these days (personally!)


mattcohen said...

i always think that just government are paraniod of each other. The people are much to busy just with daily life to care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yasser,

Half the world is depressed these days - constant fear does that to us. Simply sharing that feeling, and having it acknowleged, helps. The global situation will, eventually, force the nations to make some changes.


Anonymous said...

Can I just respond to your August 19th post here?

I have been to Iran as a tourist so maybe my favourable impression will cheer you up.

I think a tourist should see:

1. The stunning trip from Zanjan to Takht-e Soleiman, into the quiet, haunting mountains that surround this ancient 3rd century site.

2. Forget Iran's nuclear program at Natanz. Keep going to Abyaneh, a breathtaking village, carved into the fiery rock of the mountain, not far from the nuclear facility.

3. Stroll the riverside in Esfahan at sunset, and take in its spectacular mosques and Safavid palaces.

4. The fascinating desert city of Yazd, a winding maze of mudbrick houses from another age.

5. Go to sophisticated Shiraz, with its royal pavillions and rose gardens. Not far away is the uncomparable Persepolis, capital of the ancient Persian empire.

6. And why not throw in Tehran. Yes its big and dirty and oppressive. But in the early morning, before the smog settles in, you can't deny the majesty of Damavand and the Alborz mountains. This city is an experience. I might add that I could take a few style pointers from Tehranis, who are clearly Iran's best-dressed.

But most of all, the Iranian people have a spirit, a warmth, that I've never found anywhere else.

Jon said...

Remember USA will always help Democracy counties. If any county is not Democracy, will push or fight to change them to democracy. These should not our problem, but we did voted to have more Democrat senators for January 2007. Hope them will be fight back Prez Bush and vote Democrat Prez in 2008 for 2009-12.

In Iraq, I don't understand WHY Shiites and Sunnis kill each other as they are muslims. They MAKE USA soldiers stay in Iraq longer!!!
If Iraq people who want USA out of Iraq, make peace for awhile, USA soldiers will go home sooner than later!!

Hossein said...

Salaam Aghaa Yasser:
Very nice knowing you from this far distance...and enjoyed reading some of your posts...It will be my honor having you as a guest in my blog as well...

Samuel Arthur Knight said...

There needs to be a philosophical, social, and political revolution in all nations to break the cycle of which you spoke. When shall we begin?